Day 1 In The TV Writer’s Room by Bruce Ferber

Film Courage: Once you knew you were going to be the showrunner for Home Improvement, you did a lot of research, you’re prepared, you show up, you are now facing this room of writers (most of whom you know), how are you dealing with this and was it as you imagined?

Bruce Ferber, Author/Former Showrunner/Screenwriter: Well first of all, I gave them all homework. It’s like kids in school today they have to do reading over the summer, they had assignments. Their assignments were they had to come in with maybe 4 to 6 stories apiece or 3 stories apiece (I don’t remember what). But everybody had to come in with and deliver something.

And so already you have just a bunch of stuff to work with. I had stories that I brought in and all of my writers had stories. We had a lot to talk about and so they had stories.

The other thing that you talk about on day one really before you even get into the stories is the arc of the season. What’s going to happen in the beginning of Episode 1 of the season and what is going to happen in Episode 22 or 24 however many we were doing? And once you kind of set up the general arc then you get to the stories because the arc tells you where you want the characters to go.

The stories that these writers come in with they are not that worked out because first you have to decide on your arc and where you want your characters to go but I’m pretty confident that all of us…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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