What’s The Cost Of A Writer Silencing Their Own Voice? by Bruce Ferber

Film Courage: “Writers have to write whether they want to or not? What is lurking deep within their souls has a mind of its own spewing out words that delight us or make us cringe in horror…” You said something about this at the Bombeck Writers Workshop Keynote you did in 2014. Why do writers have to write?

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Bruce Ferber, Author, Comedy Writer, Speaker, and Former TV Showrunner: I guess it’s in you and somebody made this comment to me the other day they said because I’ve been doing novels and now this new book [THE WAY WE WORK: On The Job In Hollywood] and they said “We really admire that you’re still doing this.” And I said “Well I just do it because it’s what I do.” But I’ve always been the kind of person and one of the reasons that in a way I was happy to get away from sitcoms is that when I think that I don’t have anything more to say I’ll probably stop writing. But as long as you have some idea in you that you feel is worthy, then you want to do it and in this particular book, I had one essay in this book.

Film Courage: Can we see it? The Way We Work?

Bruce: The Way We Work [On The Job In Hollywood]. This book has 41 contributors talking about their Hollywood experiences. So my contribution, I wrote one essay out of the 41 and there are many people in this book who are far more famous than I am. But my essay is about working in sitcoms and having to basically kind of like put your writer’s voice on hold because when you work on somebody else’s show like Home Improvement, that is the creator’s voice and Tim Allen’s voice, it’s not you. So you become sort of an imitator, a mimic. You’ve got to write this show kind of the best way it can be written. In a way, like it’s been written before…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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