Life Doesn’t Work Without Creativity by Brian Avenet-Bradley

Film Courage: Brian we hear filmmakers say that filmmaking keeps them out of trouble or they say “You know…this is all I can do. This is why I do it even though it’s hard at times.” Sometimes I wonder is it really all they can do? Or that’s just what they say to themselves that’s what they only want to do. What are your thoughts?

Brian Avenet-Bradley, Filmmaker: I’m sure it varies for each filmmaker. For me I can do other things but what I find happens is if I don’t do something creative (and for me my creativity seems to always go visual so it always goes into movies) if a certain amount of time passes and I haven’t done something I start to go a little crazy (a little stir-crazy). So there’s this drive. For me it’s a drive to tell stories. Then eventually write a lot of stories and usually the story we end up doing with my filmmaking partner Laurence Avenet-Bradley (“Lo”) is usually one that I’ve had for a while that I keep coming back to or won’t go away. Sometimes I’ll be able to write something and it’s kind of done even though it’s like never see the light of day maybe it’s a script or a story or just an idea I can get it out of my system and it feels like I’m okay. But every now and then there’s this story that I keep thinking about it. I comes back and comes back and comes back. Usually that’s the one where “I have to do this one!” And find a way to make it in a format that other people can see…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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