This Is Not The Movie That Is Going To Save Disney Studios by Bruce Logan

Film Courage: How did you become the cinematographer on TRON movie?

Bruce Logan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer: I have no idea. I went for a meeting with the director Steve Lisberger at Disney Studios. I’m not quite sure how we got that meeting or how it was set up but I think it was from my friends in the business recommended me. But then I got into the office and it was almost like I had the job, I began the interview. But I had no recollection of the interview for the job. It was just like Well this is what we’re doing. Let’s go and do it. There wasn’t much of an audition process.

But because of that movie and it’s technical challenges I don’t think they were green lit totally when I took my meeting and got involved in it. So there were some screen tests and different proofs of concept that Disney wanted to show me beforehand. And so I was involved in those and slowly everything came together and this got green lit and that got green lit and then finally we were making the movie. It was a process.

Film Courage: How did it work with the cinematography and then the effects? How was that especially in the early 80’s?

Bruce: Well there were three aspects of TRON. There was the live action and then there was the CG animation (the first CG animation ever used on a movie) and then there was stuff that was created to be used in the cyber space world, footage that was based on live action. Now that live action was everybody was wearing black and white suits and it was shot in 70 millimeter. They took every frame that we shot and they blew it up onto a 16 inch wide Kodalith stand and shot with colored gels and diffusion filters. So it became an animation process and there were a lot of things that we had to do to make sure that when the black and white photography were blown up onto these high contrast cells that they would work in the animation process. Mostly to do with having very sharp frames because of something called motion blur in photography which when something moves in front of a motion picture camera things blur…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Watch the trailer to LOST FARE – Bruce’s new movie here.



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