The Downside To Being Both A Writer And Director by Daniel Stamm

Film Courage: Are you where you planned to be in your filmmaking career?

Daniel Stamm, Filmmaker: Am I where I planned to be? I think in my younger years I always saw myself as a writer/director because that to me was the total creator. Whereas the director was the translator of someone else’s inspiration.

So no, I’m not where I saw myself or wished myself or even wishing myself right now. It’s just that writing is so hard and I’ve such respect for writers that do that to themselves and the stakes of that, of you working on something for years that might or might not get made or might not even turn out well. It’s kind of more than I can bear with my fragile creative ego. So I’m kind of playing it safe by staying in the directing which I probably should…thinking about it now…I probably should write again and try more of that because I think that fulfillment that you get from seeing your story (not just the way it is told on the screen) but your story from the first seed is something that must be spectacular but I’ve only had it from my very first movie ever where I hadn’t even written the script but it was a found footage thing that just came to be. But to know that these characters would not exist without me having had the idea for them was incredible and I hadn’t had that since because…(Watch the video on Youtube here).


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