Being An Artist Is Lonely by Dr. Ken Atchity

Film Courage: Going back to Author Philip Roth again, seeing interviews with him toward the later years of his life he had moved from New York City to the Connecticut woods to be left alone. All of the journalist [who came to his new residence] said “Isn’t it lonely here for you?” And he said “It is but I enjoy it. There is no friction, there’s nothing.” Because I guess it was after his book Portnoy’s Complaint that he was receiving so much attention and was bombarded with people’s opinions and this was simply an easier way for him to continue writing. I realize this is a common thing. Sort of taking one’s self off of the map so you can create but the loneliness was worth it versus the friction.

Dr. Ken Atchity, Author/Producer:  Yes and obviously it worked for him because other people who would go off to live in the woods end up not being productive because they think that’s going to solve their problem.

I learned this the hard way because I had to finish a book early in my academic career and I decided I’d go to my parent’s lake house cottage for the summer and just sit there and finish it.

And of course I almost got nothing done that summer because one thing led to the other, people would stop by to visit because there was the lake and the lawn would need attending or the cabin itself needed fixing. I used every excuse I could possibly think of to avoid sitting down to write. This is where I worked out a lot of the theories that are in my view of creativity is that summer because pressure is what causes creativity to work best. Lack of pressure actually…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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