Filmmakers Stop Being Obsessed With Budget by Orson Oblowitz

Film Courage: Is there anything about filmmakers that bothers you? Like excuses you hear people say when they are trying to get funding and it’s their first feature, they are trying to make this huge film, they are using this as an excuse and are waiting for it to happen? And if they would just make this and keep it smaller and then movie onto that [a bigger project]?

Actress Rosemary Hochschild and Writer/Director Orson Oblowitz on set of THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

Orson Oblowitz, Filmmaker/Photographer:  It’s not something that bothers me but I think when you are trying to make a movie it’s different. There are some movies you can’t make on a small budget, right? It’s very hard to make films on a little money and it’s very hard to raise a lot of money. So you are kind of in this double-edge sword.

But one thing I find with filmmakers is when they get obsessed with the budget and they get obsessed with reaching some number instead of being like I’ve got to make this movie. How do I make this movie? How do I make this movie for $10,000? How do I make this movie for 10 million dollars? And if you can’t make the movie for 10 million dollars maybe there’s another film you can make for $10,000 dollars and you should think about that.

Maybe all you want to do is make that 10 million dollar film, so that’s fine to focus on it. I don’t think there is any right way. They are very different beasts to make. But I think we get very obsessed with budgets as filmmakers and you can’t let the budget constrain your creativity…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Actress Rosemary Hochschild as Queen Mary in THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD.



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