5 Rules A Filmmaker Should Consider Before Making A Movie by James Kicklighter

Film Courage: What are your five best filmmaking rules?

James Kicklighter, Filmmaker: Ah yes…this is one Youtube loved last time. Let me think? They might have changed a little bit. Last time we spoke I know I gave you five filmmaking rules and I really enjoyed reading your comments on that.

The things that I think have changed and evolved for me in some way have a lot to do with preparation process more than being on set.

I think for me the first question is:

*Is this a plot that I respond to?

*In that plot is there a theme that I can weave in that is going to help that plot out?

If I can answer yes to that then I would do the film or think about the film. So then the second question becomes:

*What’s the budget for this film?

*Is this realistic?

*Is this a budget that we can execute?

*Does it make sense that I say yes to it?

If the answer is “I love this script, I love this story, I love this documentary concept (whatever) but I know that I can’t film it on the resources that I have available.” I will ask if they have the opportunity to have this much more before we start filming, before I say yes or no. If they come back with yes and it ends up working, I’ll do it.

If they say no, I’ll walk away because at this point in my career I’m not going to…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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