What It’s Really Like To Be An Actor by Rhomeyn Johnson [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Rhomeyn, where did you grow up?

Rhomeyn Johnson, Actor: I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. It was an automotive town, it still is but it’s not like it was and I was an artistic kid coming up. I did all of the little school plays and the glee clubs and all that kind of stuff.

But I also was into sports and I left the entertainment business (if you want to call it that back in those days) I left it and got into sports. I played Little League Baseball and when I got to High School I ran track and played a little football. Then when I went to college I was totally into football and track. I actually had a football and track scholarship.

I am one of the few of my peers or people of that age that still don’t owe student loans. I’ve got a problem with my body of course (some injuries) but I don’t owe anybody any money.

Detroit at that time was an interesting place because I was a kid but there was a lot of stuff and the whole Motown thing. At one point Detroit was one of the foremost theater towns in the country believe it or not. A lot of the shows would start out in Detroit and go to Broadway or go wherever they were going to go (like out East or whatever). Detroit was one of those places.

Musically Prince, one of the first places that he really started becoming famous was Detroit. He always talked about how Detroit was a special place for him and I remember seeing Prince way back when he first started and I’m like this guy is weird but he’s good! Playing and singing…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Rhomeyn Johnson was born as Rhomeyn Alfred Johnson. He is an actor, known for State of Mind (2007), Parks and Recreation (2009) and Vacant Lot (2000).



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