Ongoing Career And Mental Obstacles Unveils An Actor’s Darker Shade Of Human Nature – UNWHOLLY MOMENTS Movie

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UNWHOLLY MOMENTS Examines Deep Seeded Issues and Removes the Human Veneer Through Vulnerability

The independent film takes real life events and focuses on the in-between, murky incidents of depression that are often not discussed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — June 16, 2019, Los Angeles, CA — Jellyhead Collective and RZ Media’s second collaborative film unveils a darker shade of a human and its dispensable nature within itself. Based on Robin Zamora’s odd encounter during the final round of re-shoots for the collectives’ first film, IDLED, came a murky concept punctured with pain. 

Filmmaker Andy Rayner

Written by Zamora, and co-written and directed by Andy Rayner, the shadowy drama follows aspiring actor Rod (Zamora) en route towards his dreams while cycling through ongoing mental obstacles, such as depression and OCD. Rod’s self-inflicted entrapment is clearly presented on screen and painfully felt through missed connections with individuals. Rod seeks relief with sex workers, yet drowns in their triggering encounters, to only return to fanciful thoughts of his dream girl, Becca (Liesel Hanson) who strictly views their friendship as a platonic relationship.  

Unwholly Moments – The inception from RZMedia.JHC on Vimeo.

Visually explicit and bruised with a dark undertone, UNWHOLLY MOMENTS shines a light on a human’s connection and the unexamined issues that mar true happiness. Rayner’s explicit sex scenes dives into each character’s head space and asserts the difference between sex with the right and wrong people.

“When we interact with people we very rarely, if ever, think about what they were doing or going through prior to the interaction and that’s something that can make for completely missed connections,” states Rayner from his NoBudge interview. “Being naked in front of someone puts you in a very vulnerable place so we wanted to show the dichotomy between physical vulnerability and emotional unavailability.”

Zamora’s unsettling, yet honest detachment as Rod remains prominent long after the film. Zamora’s performance was recognized and awarded by the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival as Best Actor in 2018, where the film was also noted as an official selection. 

UNWHOLLY MOMENTS premiered May 1, 2019 on independent film platform, NoBudge, founded by filmmaker and actor, Kentucker Audley. The film is currently available on Vimeo On Demand.

The film also features Katarina Hughes, Jill Evyn, Dominic Matteucci, Ryan De Quintal, Catherine Ramos, Michael Clark, Fred Mancuso, and Jennifer Robyn Jacobs. Original Score by Porcelain Pale and featuring “Future Colors” and “Cerulean” by Moon Ensemble, and “Dark Matter Theory” by Mind Monogram.

Check out UNWHOLLY MOMENTS Movie (Vimeo On Demand)

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Unwholly Moments from RZMedia.JHC on Vimeo.

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Check out IDLED Movie (Vimeo On Demand) by filmmaker Andy Rayner ft. Robina Zamora and Wendy Alvarez – In what was supposed to be a simple move to his brother’s place, Val is forced to spend a day with himself and the painful memories of a failed romantic relationship with his childhood best friend.

Watch UNWHOLLY MOMENTS on Vimeo here

Check out UNWHOLLY MOMENTS Movie (Vimeo On Demand) by filmmaker Andy Rayner ft. Robin Zamora and Liesel Hanson – A man dissatisfied with his life, attempting to be an actor struggles to connect with his profession and the people around him.