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Wendy Alvarez as Mickey and Robin Zamora as Val

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IDLED Feature Film Sees a Re-release with Bonus Content and Deleted Scenes

Independent film relives memories following an end of a long-term relationship and navigates from the painful mindset of the middle, reflecting film’s own creation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — June 13, 2019, Burbank, CA — Jellyhead Collective and RZ Media re-release their 2018 film, IDLED, on Vimeo On Demand and share bonus content such as cast interviews, deleted scenes, and an exclusive insight through the film’s five-year journey and numerous rewrites.

Written and directed by Andy Rayner, and co-written by Robin Zamora, IDLED treks the lingering moments, and often overlooked middle, from the demise of a relationship. Rayner’s drama follows Val (Robin Zamora) who is set to move to his brother’s place after the end of a long-term relationship, and amid traveling gets lost in his self-hatred and remorseful moments with past romantic partner, Mickey (Wendy Alvarez).

Idled – Retrospect from RZMedia.JHC on Vimeo.

Embracing the stillness, as the movie eloquently displays, the couple’s organic unfolding reiterates lost time. Val witnesses his relationship grow from friendship and similarity, and in the same respectful manner, crumble. The film’s introspection bittersweetly portrays the couple for more than their relationship – but of individuals who endeavors were never pursued.  

Filmmaker Andy Rayner

Zamora’s mannerisms embody the quiet and disarray mindset that results from the unknown, while Alvarez displays a defensive yet effortless attitude. The two share the struggles of developing their characters from only a monologue, essentially no script, and the natural freedom it brought on screen as part of the bonus material released. Additionally, “The Evolutions” clip sees both writers discuss alternate paths, and the film’s own foreshadowing and mirrored events from personal lives.


“There’s that scene where they sit down, first fight in the bed, and that scene is almost verbatim a fight that Jess and I had,” states Rayner. “I was going through so much sh*t and neither of us were doing the things we wanted to do, and that’s what the movie became about.”


Rayner continues to recollect with Zamora in the extended clip the cultivation of the film for five years, the struggle to relive personal moments on screen, and the realistic ending that resonates naturally.


“And that’s what the movie is – I’m still trying to figure it out,” says Rayner. “As opposed to there’s a conclusion; there’s not. Life goes on and you don’t know where the f*ck you’re going…they [characters] became real people because we gave them real memories.”


IDLED features the track “Window” by Los Angeles’ Twin Oaks, and original music by Porcelain Pale scored specifically for the film.


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Idled from RZMedia.JHC on Vimeo.

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