How Many Years Of Making Shorts Before It’s Time To Make A Feature? by Andrew Guerrero

Film Courage: Isn’t kind of crazy though because you had a short or a couple shorts that you’ve done and then here you are taking this big leap where you’re writing, directing (or co-directing), producing and then you are the protagonist in a feature [COME INTO YOUR OWN], how does this happen? That’s bold and sounds scary.

Andrew Guerrero, Filmmaker/Actor: Yes, again I shot the film when I was 30. It took a long time to get to that point. It wasn’t overnight. I had done a lot of short films my whole life growing up. With my friends, family, in college, done a lot of training as an actor, I really learned how to write well, took a year and a half studying videos from great Youtube channels on how to tell a good story through film, how to direct a film, how to light, learning what cameras are and f-stops and all this stuff. I took a year and a half to learn all of that because I didn’t go to film school. Youtube was my film school. You guys were part of my film school.

So it wasn’t crazy because it was the right time. I was ready for it. It would have been crazy to try this when I was 22. Crazy! But I was just ready for it. I was done with shorts. I was done with five-to-15 minute shorts. I was ready to make a big one and it all fell into place. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Vimeo (featurette)


Come Into Your Own Trailer from Andrew Guerrero on Vimeo.

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