No One Believes You Are Going To Be A Filmmaker by Adam William Ward

Film Courage: What are some things that you learned in the last five years that you wished you knew in the first five years since you moved here?

Adam William Ward, Actor/Producer/Director: Some of it plays into things I’ve already said but Number 1 is “Bank in yourself.” If you really believe in yourself you have to bank in yourself. And what that means is you can’t depend on an external person to make your dreams happen. If you want to make them happen, you go make them happen with yourself.

Now some actors are very much independent of a studio or a filmmaker if you’re not a filmmaker yourself. But even an actor in a way you could find the right director. You could find money people. You could then produce and put a whole project together. But it’s the bank in yourself. It’s to start learning and figure out what you need to do and do it. Do it yourself.

WALLY GOT WASTED we did completely outside of the studio system and it would have never got made if I was…I’d still be scratching my head handing in the script to people and even though people loved the script I’d still be handing it to people and even the people that might have wanted to make it they wouldn’t have made me the director. “Who are you?”

So I had to do it to learn and prove myself. That’s another thing that I’ve learned is that people don’t see potential. You have to show them. I’m the same person I was five or six years ago when I was telling people I’m going to be a film director. They don’t really believe me. They don’t really know. There are so many people who say things in this town. Now they treat me with totally different respect and they look at me like a filmmaker. It’s very interesting in that way, it’s like you know what you’re going to do or what you’re capable of, so go do it and show people. Don’t trust that they see it too. They are not going to see it, you have to show them.

Film Courage: What you you say to people who aren’t as confident with themselves? Maybe they are not confident with the way that they look? I mean you’re a handsome man, you’re tall, you present yourself well, so it’s easy for me to see why people (aside from talent) would want to believe in you. But not everybody has that. What would you say to people who don’t feel like they have it?

Adam: It’s funny because that kind…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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