Top 2 Excuses To Not Make A Movie by Adam William Ward

Film Courage: Did you see the Jim Carrey Documentary [referring to Netflix’s Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond]?

Adam William Ward, Actor/Producer: Which one? I saw one where he did the Man on the Moon and he talked about…that one?

Film Courage: Yes, (I’m pretty sure) he talks about his Dad? His father was an accountant?

Adam: He did talk about his Dad…so his Dad gave up his dreams to be a comedian in the Jim Carrey documentary and he did the 9-to-5. The 9-to-5 which was a steady job laid him off. So he realized at that point there was no safe bet and that is true. It’s completely true. I see that all the time with people where they really hold onto their 9-to-5 job but nothing is guaranteed, nothing is guaranteed. You’ve got to take chances. You’ve got to. But that’s life. You’ve got to make mistakes too and that’s why a lot of people…I know so many filmmakers that aren’t willing to do their first feature because they are too scared to make a mistake.

It’s like no…you’ve got to make it. If you fail, you fail or if you make a movie that’s not the best it can do, great. Learn from it and make another film.

But I know more than one director that is phenomenal that has never done a feature film and I’ve known them for 10 years.

Film Courage: Do you think it’s the money aspect? I can see why that would be scary. What do you think?

Adam: I think people have all kinds of excuses. I think money is kind of the number one excuse is I don’t have enough money or I can’t get enough money to make the feature but I mean what are you doing to try to get the money? There is that aspect.

A lot of them go I don’t have the right script. And I’m not a script writer, a lot of that kind of stuff. And that’s one of the reasons that WALLY GOT WASTED…it was like my writing partner Seth Hymes basically he wrote a script and came to me and I didn’t really particularly like it. I liked the first 20 pages and I was like the first 20 pages was slightly similar to WALLY GOT WASTED.

And I was like I thought the movie was going in this direction? Because in the first three pages it’s about three…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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