It’s Common For An Artist To Be Depressed After Finishing Their Work by Dr. Ken Atchity

Film Courage: You mentioned a conversation about work and how good work or bad work is never really finished. We are in this age of the guru and constant success articles on 5 Tips To Make You More Productive (whatever). So something David [Film Courage co-founder] discussed was sustained obsession. He mentioned reading and hearing from so many that most successful people are just obsessed with their work, they are workaholics. Do you think this is true?

Dr. Ken Atchity, Author/Producer: There’s a lot of truth in it and I’ve gone through that same thought process especially when writing a book about the creative mind.

I don’t think that workaholics is the right word for it. I call it The Type C Personality because workaholics comes from the Selye’s concept of the Type A and Type B personality. From what I can make out the Type A personality is the unhappy workaholic who can’t do anything in life except work and who basically is making himself and the people around him miserable because of his work and his obsessive need to be working all of the time.

And then there’s the Type P personality who is never very well-defined and who somehow doesn’t become an ideal as Selye describes it but somebody who is well-adjusted and doesn’t feel the same crazy pressures that the Type A feels. I thought well the problem with that theory is that it leaves out people who absolutely love their work and who are able to live other full lives at the same time and I started thinking about that and realizing their are a lot of people like that and I call them Type C’s in one of my books and the Type C is the creative personality that loves to work, would probably rather be working than anything else but isn’t negatively impacted by that at all. Instead they just thrive on their work.

I mean there’s an example I saw long ago as Pablo Casals the great cellist was so crippled with arthritis when he got older that he had to be carried…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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