Two Screenwriters Talk About Selling The First Script They Ever Wrote

Film Courage: Tamika did you sell the first screenplay that you wrote?

Tamika Lamison, Screenwriter: I did…and I would use “sell” loosely. It’s called JAR BY THE DOOR.

Markus Redmond, Filmmaker/Writer/Actor: The best piece of advice that I got was from my girlfriend at the time and she said You should just write a movie and then sell it to a studio and then you can find out how it all really works. And that’s why I wrote my first script.

I guess because of me thinking of it that simply I was able to sell my first script. Maybe that’s why, I don’t know. It’s obviously not that easy but in my head it was and so I wrote this thing and got it out and done.

Tamika: I was really grateful that I was validated right away. Most screenwriters don’t get that validation. They have to get it from their family or their friends, a teacher or someone. But that validation came really quickly for me. I won a contest and it was $10,000 and it helped move me to Los Angeles. I optioned the script two or three times so it was kind of keeping me alive. It’s like $5,000 for each option which was a lot a few years ago and that was amazing.

Then I actually sold the script (in quotes). I “sold” the script for 6 figures.

Markus: I had a friend who was an aspiring writer…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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