Most Common Trait Successful Artists Share by Dar Dixon

Film Courage: Following up on something you said earlier, you joked about there not being a career. Do you feel like this every time one job ends because you are essentially…it’s like shaking up a snow globe [trying to drum up new work]?

Dar Dixon, Actor: Absolutely! Oh my gosh yes. I can’t remember what happened but I was talking to someone who had the kind of typical Oh you are working in TV and Film? Oh my gosh. And I’m thinking…you know man, I’m on set, the lights are on, the camera is going, the mic is hot, the crew is standing around, they are setting up the shot, changing the lens, relighting something (whatever it is). There’s a little bit of a break. I’ve got my cell phone out and I’m answering emails, I’m sending off texts looking for work, returning phone calls if I’ve got a second without interrupting everybody else and then put it away and go back into it. Hustling right on the set, in the trailer, in the makeup chair. It never ends so I always feel like that. I think every actor does. I’ve never heard any actor not saying that unless you are lucky enough and you get your own show or you have a proper movie career where it keeps on coming but even then it’s an up and down and you just never know.


Film Courage: That being said, why do you think people fail at it?

Dar: Fail at…?

Film Courage: Fail at having consistent acting work?

Dar: That’s a big question. There are a number of factors at play but if I kind of pull out and take the meta view of it…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




About Dar Dixon:

Dar Dixon was born July 1962 in Tehran, Iran. He is an actor and producer, known for NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), This Is Us (2016) and Silicon Valley (2014).


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