Best Way To Make A Profit On A $20,000 Feature Film by Mark Harris

Film Courage: What do you think is the best way for a filmmaker who has made a movie that let’s say cost $20,000 to make that money back today? So probably not with DVD’s as much?

Mark Harris, Filmmaker: I think the best way for filmmakers to make a movie if they made a movie for $20,000 is to make that money back is say for instance if the budget is $20,000, why not rent out theaters and keep the price very low?

I know in Chicago I can rent out a 300-seat theater for like $800.00. If you do that four or five times, you’ve made your money back. And then you always want to make sure that when you’re doing your marketing, try to do more so toward…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here). 


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