A Movie Director Spends 80 Percent Of Their Time Doing This by Dale Stelly

Film Courage: What’s the process of what you do that we don’t see?

Dale Stelly, Filmmaker: Good question. With me being a producer, before I can direct I need to go out there (if it’s my film) either lock in an investor or lock in a budget.

A lot of times as me the filmmaker I’m spending 80 percent of the time finding an executive producer or locking in funds and 20 percent of the time creating a film.

I want to switch it around. I want to spend 80 percent of the time shooting a movie and only 20 percent of the time locking in the investors.

What people don’t see is before I get to the set they don’t know what I had to go through to lock in a producer, lock in a budget, be able to hire everybody, be able to feed everybody, be able to have a situation to shoot this movie. No one sees the business behind-the-scenes side of it. They just see “Oh? We’re shooting on the red cameras? Oh? We’re working with Vida Guerra or Malik Whitfield today.” You know what I mean? They just see physical glitz and glamour part. They don’t really see me in my home office on the phone, emailing conjuring up potential deals or potential relationships that leads to producing movies or what have you. So people don’t see that part. People just think like “Oh? The camera just shows up.” And the craft service just pays for itself…well I don’t think they think that but people just don’t see…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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