What Is The Best Acting Technique? – Rhomeyn Johnson Reacts To Bill Duke

Film Courage: We interviewed Bill Duke for the second time (he gave us a wonderful interview both times) and we have a video we want to play from the second interview and get your reaction?

Rhomeyn Johnson, Actor: Okay.

Film Courage: Here we go.

[Bill Duke on Acting]

I think all of us are everything and people say How can you say that? I’m a woman with a child, I’m not a murderer. Okay…suppose someone just came up and hit your baby in the head with hammer. What would you call your response then if you picked that hammer up? I’m not saying you’re anything but you’re everything and if you’re hired to do a job, the director doesn’t hire you act like that person, the director hires you to become that person. And that is something that most people don’t understand about acting, acting is not…that word is annoying because acting is not pretending, acting is becoming. It’s surrendering to the spirit, whatever that character you are describing is.

There is a thing called stage fright, that’s where you are right in the middle, where you are giving part of yourself up to be part of the character, but your ego and fear and paranoia is watching how you give it up and tries to control the shape of that giving up. Real actors like the ones I adore, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streeps, Denzel when he is really in it and, the Sam Jacksons, Philip Seymour Hoffmans and the Jeffrey Wrights and when those people go there is nobody there except that character, that’s admirable and that’s courage. People don’t understand because some days you’re not in control of it, you have to ride. You have to trust. And the person you trust is the director “Am I riding right?” You don’t stand outside because you don’t stand outside and look at your ride. And that’s what real great actors do. Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of my favorite actors…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Rhomeyn Johnson Demo Reel 2015 from Rhomeyn Johnson on Vimeo.

Rhomeyn Johnson was born as Rhomeyn Alfred Johnson. He is an actor, known for State of Mind (2007), Parks and Recreation (2009) and Vacant Lot (2000).



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