Most Important Lesson Every Screenwriter Should Learn by Dr. Ken Atchity

(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)

Film Courage: Last time we visited with you it was before the release of THE MEG (I believe last summer). How has the release of the film and its success impacted your life, Ken?

Dr. Ken Atchity, Author/Producer:  Well, one answer would be not at all. But that would not really be a good answer (a fun answer).

The real answer is it was disconcerting to be validated for something that I believed 22 years ago and that I got a lot of other people to believe 22 years ago. Including Doubleday to the tune of 2 million dollars and Disney to the tune of a million and New Line to the tune of a million plus and so on.

And then it didn’t happen and then suddenly all these years later it happened and people go “You must feel good to be corroborated?” And I said “Yes I do.” But the truth is it taught me the most important lesson of all which is what I wrote into an essay called The Waiting Room [from Ken’s blog]. If I had been waiting for THE MEG to happen or for any movie that I started 20 years ago to happen, I’d probably be miserable (if not suicidal).

But what you do in the waiting room is you do something else, that’s how you manage your time. When you’re waiting for something, that can be annoying…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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