How To Shoot A Feature Film In 3 Days by Clay Moffatt

My name is Clay Moffat. I’m a filmmaker in San Tan Valley Arizona. In my professional film career I guess I’ve made probably five or six short films and currently working on my third feature film right now. As director (on average) I shoot a feature film in about three or four days. I do all the writing, directing, producing and editing myself.

“Other directors may want to shoot eight or nine takes. But I think for me as long as you’re getting one of everything that you’re happy with, you’re going to be okay. Because at the end of the day only one of those takes is going in the movie…”

I’m able to support my family and keep throwing money and income into films by having a full-time job. I actually manage a pizza restaurant and I work 55 hours every single week in addition to seeing my wife, raising my kids and living that lifestyle and also producing films.

There’s only 24 hours in a day and I stretch it thin. The secret is caffeine! [Laughs] I would say the secret (and a lot of people tell me this too) is managing your time and I think that I’m able to do that so well because I’ve…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Clay Moffatt

Clay Moffatt was born in November, 1988 in Mesa, Arizona, USA. He is a writer and director, known for Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018), The October Flowers (2018) and Silver Woods (2017).

Thank you to Jack Dalleywater for making this video with Clay

Jack Dalleywater was born in September, 1987 in Banbury, England. Recently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Jack is a freelance video producer and documentary filmmaker.




(Producer of this video and crew on Clay’s film)

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