How To Get A Horror Film Made With James Cullen Bressack [FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS]

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In this special Film Courage video masterclass, filmmaker James Cullen Bressack presents How To Get A Horror Film Made for a live audience (with Q&A).


About James Cullen Bressack:

Bursting onto the indie horror scene at the age of eighteen with his first feature, ‘My Pure Joy’, James Cullen Bressack has been called “horror’s new hope” (Studio City Patch) and “a talent to watch out for” (H.S.T.), also receiving rave reviews on most every major horror website. Released by Media Blasters on their Fresh Meat Shriek Show label in 2012, the film quickly rose to the top of the best sellers list on Amazon in the horror category. His second feature, ‘Hate Crime’, was a festival favorite and garnered numerous awards and became one of only three films in the past decade to be banned in the U.K. by the BBFC. Bressack then made history with his next feature, ‘To Jennifer’, which was the first feature film shot entirely on an iPhone 5. The prolific filmmaker then followed up with seven features, including ‘Pernicious’, ’13-13-13′, ‘If Looks Could Kill’- Which Aired on Lifetime and LMN, and ‘Blood Lake’-which aired on Animal Planet and was a top ratings getter.

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

After writing and directing ‘Bethany’, a horror film that garnered rave reviews and a small limited theatrical run, James spent time focusing on producing. After producing many films, two of which were released by LionsGate and one by Cinedigm, James joined the PGA and is a proud member. One of his recent producing efforts was ranked #14 in the weekly top charts of dvd and Blue-ray sales of all films in the country. James began his venture into VR. A winner of multiple Best Picture and Best Director awards on the film festival circuit, James has become one of the few indie filmmakers to be “verified” on Instagram and Twitter, where he has amassed a loyal following of 140,000+ fans. Aside from his new ventures in VR, James, recently directed an animated feature film entitled ‘Cargo’ and has a few more movies scheduled for release in 2018.





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