Top 15 Most Viewed Film Courage Video Diaries Of 2018

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Thank you to everyone who submitted video diaries in 2018. Please stay tuned as there are a few more submissions awaiting release in December. We are so honored for these filmmakers allowing us to showcase their work on our channel. The artists of this group hail from all over the globe: Chile, New Zealand, the U.K., the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada and the U.S. We wish them continued filmmaking success in 2019.

  1. 14 Lessons From Making A Feature Film In Two Days by Hank Orion – 3,991 views

2. How Filmmakers Used Practical Effects To Create A Faceless Man by Jeremy Foley and  Sara O’Reilly – 3,676 views

3. 6 Lessons To Help First Time Filmmakers by Jamison LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio – 3,594 views

4. 3 Big Directing Problems That Weren’t Easy To Solve by Ryan Oksenberg – 3,420 views

5. 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make A Movie by Gina Gomez Dunn and Scott Dunn – 2,993 views

6. How Antoine Allen and Lester Greene Are Using Short Films To Launch Their Filmmaking Careers – 2,430 views

7. 5 Problems A Filmmaker Faces When Making Their First Feature Film by Bizhan Tong – 2,331 views

8. A Beginners Guide To Film Finance by Emily Corcoran – 2,320 views

9. How Does A Filmmaker Overcome Fear? by Nicolás Rojas Castro – 2,213 views

10. 5 Lessons From Making A $7000 Web Series (Now On Amazon Prime) – 2,199 views

11. 5 Tips To Successfully Produce A Movie That You Won’t Learn In Film School by Vince Buda – 2,152 views

12. Short Film Pre-Production: The Idea, Casting, Location Scout and Test Shoot by Bradley Gillow – 2,133 views

13. How To Make A Simple Dolly Track, DIY Light Panels and Camera Car Mount by Mark L. Mazzeo – 2,091 views

14. 5 Tips For Making A No-Budget Movie by Carlos Renaso – 2,037 views

15. Acting Tips On Memorizing Lines, Finding A Headshot Photographer And Making Money by Kheira Bey – 1,969 views

16. How A Filmmaker Can Overcome Their Negative Traits by Phoebe Jaspé – 1,870 views



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