Are Writers Better During Bad Times? By Todd Berger

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Film Courage: Are you a better writer when you are going through happy times in your life or when things are a little more uncertain and that’s when you’re more creative?

Todd Berger, Co-Writer of The Happytime Murders:  I think you are always kind of the same writer no matter what mood you’re in. But what you’re writing about changes.

I think everything we write about says something about something, right? Whether it says something about the human condition or the world. And if I’m in happier times, if I’m in better moods, I’m probably writing something that is more specifically positive or is celebrating the good things about humanity.

But if I’m in a darker place. If I’m sad or if I’m upset, I’m probably writing something that is a biting satire of the bad parts of the human condition.

But probably the writing level is the same. I don’t think me being in a bad place makes me a better writer. And I definitely don’t think artists need to suffer in order to make good art. But I think what you are making art about probably changes depending on what you’re experiencing at any given moment.

Question For The Viewers: Are you a better writer when you are happy?

Watch the video interview on Youtube here



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