Script To Screen: The Many Roles Of A Movie Producer – Mark Heidelberger [FULL INTERVIEW]

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Film Courage: Off-camera we were talking about you moving to Santa Barbara (UCSB) from the East Coast, you didn’t know anyone. So you have a Bachelor’s in Film Studies and then a Master’s in Motion Picture Producing. What did those degrees prepare you for and in the long run what classes (looking back on it) do you think were missing from the curriculum?

Mark Heidelberger, Producer:  Santa Barbara was much more critical studies, not so much production. When I applied out here I was transferring as a junior so there was no time for me to work my way into the film program. I had to get into the film program or…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Enjoy this video with Mark? Want to listen to him live? Please join us on November 13th from 7-9 pm in North Hollywood for Straight Talk About Feature Film Development and Production.

How should a screenwriter approach a producer especially if they have little or no credits? What do producers look for in a script? What should the independent producer focus on when attempting to get a production off of the ground? What do financiers look for? How do I make the most of the small crew and budget that I have?

In this 2-hour speaker series (that will include a Q&A), freelance producer, line producer, production manager, post production supervisor and development consultant Mark Heidelberger will help you navigate the production side of filmmaking from the perspective of producer, screenwriter or director.

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