Top 10 Tips For Producing A Movie by John Paul Rice

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Film Courage: What are you top ten tips for producing a movie?

John Paul Rice, Producer: Top ten tips, wow.

-Script, passion about the script.

-Attack everything you do with reckless abandon in terms of this is your passion.

-Work with people that you get along with (you have a mutual respect for) both in your profession as well as there is a personal identification. You don’t have to agree with everything, but a shared principle about how to work, how you want to work (that’s three right?).

-Don’t rush things. Don’t make artificial deadlines that don’t mean anything other than what you think of in your head. That means for example don’t rush to get a film done cutting corners whether it be in pre-production, production or post-production all to meet whatever deadline you’ve set that you have to hit in order…if it’s a distributor giving you a deadline, okay. If it’s you trying to get in this one festival, you’ve got to really weigh whether to cut those corners. And the reason why I say that is in that haste to get there you’ll forget certain things that are important. And it’s not about just racing…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Joey Burke as Tim in A CHILD’S VOICE – Photo courtesy of No Restrictions Entertainment


Angela Mavropoulos as Kristy in A CHILD’S VOICE – Photo courtesy of No Restrictions Entertainment


A Child’s Voice from No Restrictions Entertainment on Vimeo.





About John Paul Rice:

John Paul Rice was born the youngest of four, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. At the age of 7, in addition to baseball, he took up theater until his senior year of high school. Mr. Rice attended Georgia State University to pursue a degree in Business. While at college, Mr. Rice was given the opportunity to work on Jerry Bruckheimer’s Remember the Titans as a Titan football player. He enjoyed the experience and turned his focus toward film, working in production on a handful of low budget independent films before moving to Los Angeles a year later. 

In 2001, John landed a position at the Los Angeles division of the German distribution company Senator International (which later became Mandate Pictures) led by industry veteran Joseph Drake (The Hunger Games, Don’t Breathe, Juno, The Grudge). Under Joe’s mentoring, John developed an interest in producing independent feature films. 

In 2008, Mr. Rice formed No Restrictions Entertainment with filmmaker Edgar Michael Bravo. The duo has produced five films together. The critically acclaimed indie feature One Hour Fantasy Girl, written and directed by Mr. Bravo. The following year they produced the psychological drama The Magic Stone and shortly thereafter produced the dramatic and surreal thriller Mother’s Red Dress. One year later Bravo and Rice created a compelling supernatural thriller in Mark’s Secret to Eternal Life. Their latest film A Young Man’s Future is a heartbreaking yet inspiring story about love in the face of mental illness. All five films deal with challenging social issues while telling an entertaining and original narrative story. The team just released their 6th project in 9 years with A Child’s Voice, a supernatural thriller that takes on child trafficking. 

Some of Mr. Rice’s favorite films are Training Day, Chinatown, Midnight Cowboy, Being There and The King’s Speech.


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