Handling Rejection In The Film Business by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

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Mark Duplass, Actor/Filmmaker/Producer: I mean we’re really fortunate that we do get to do stuff. Even though we get rejected from some things we want to do, there’s always one thing that’s got a yes going.

And so I think the best answer we can come up with is keep a lot of irons in the fire and it’s sort of…you play the numbers game a little bit and it diminishes the rejections so you have some other things going on.

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But I think you have to be smart and be careful about how you put yourself out there. For instance I am an actor but I don’t go on auditions a lot because it just kills my spirit to do that, you know? And it’s really hard. And we could if we wanted to engage weekly on these big writing assignments that are open for people to come in and say Here’s my take on this job. I want to get this job.

If you do that, you get rejected 49 out of 50 times and then the one that you do get means you’re doing really well. But that’s 49 rejections! So we don’t engage in that process as well. So we just try to protect ourselves to a certain degree (and again) try to keep a couple things going at once in case certain certain things burn out…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)


Question For The Viewers: How do you handle rejection?


Watch the video interview on Youtube here


Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips in a film about brothers: one who’s devoted to his family, the other who’s obsessed with The Manson Family.

Watch the video interview here on Youtube


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