The Perception Of Being A Movie Producer Versus The Reality by Jay Silverman of OFF THE MENU

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Film Courage: Once Jennifer Goldson (the screenwriter to Jay’s movie OFF THE MENU) got you this script to read, how much time passed before you finally read it and said okay to it?

Joe Silverman, Director/Producer/Photographer: That’s a wonderful question because I don’t think that Bethany [Cerrona] or Jo Gamache (who is one of my other producers) could have even believed that. We bought the property in October and we were in pre-production in January. We shot the movie in August or September or something. It’s just unheard of.

But that’s the way I work. And the outcome is at this rate, we can produce a movie every couple of years and use the moderate success of these movies to finance the next movie.

Film Courage: Are you okay talking about what the next steps were once you all agreed that “we really love film and we think we can do it for a reasonable budget.” What were some of the next things you did to actually secure the deal?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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