Bill Duke Breaks Down His Scene In MENACE II SOCIETY

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Film Courage: I’m sure you are asked about this scene constantly, the interrogation scene from Menace II Society? I know you’ve probably been asked this question so much, but if you can just take us back to that day during this scene, what was it like for you? 

Bill Duke, Actor, Director, Author: I’d just finished doing a film (I think it was in Canada) and acting in a film. I rushed back and at the same day that I came in, I had to be on the set…the Hughes Brothers and I just loved their work. I liked who they were. I read the script and I loved it. It was only one scene and it’s like the way they set it up got me immediately into the mood because the room was dark except there were three spotlights, one on the young boy, one on the middle of the table where the gun was and once on myself. Everything else was in shadow.

The police had brought this young man into this place to intimidate him into telling the truth and so he was sitting there really nervous you know? He thought he was smarter than everybody in the room and so when I questioned him it was like I first brought the gun in, put it on the table and turned it toward him but said to him “You are not necessarily getting out of here alive. There’s nothing you can do about it. What are you going to do? We can all say that you reached for the gun and we defended ourselves and shot you.” We didn’t say those words, we just went…[motions to turning the gun around]. That was it, that said it. I saw that and it was like “Oh boy, okay.”

I started asking questions about was he there and he said “No”….(Watch the video on Youtube here)

Watch the video interview on Youtube here


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