Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers – Essentials To Building An Audience by Richard ‘RB’ Botto Stage 32 CEO

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Hi, my name is Rich Botto (some of you know me as “RB”). I’m the Founder and CEO of Stage 32 which is the world’s largest online platform for connecting and educating film creatives and content creators (all film professionals) worldwide.

I’m also an actor. I just appears in a movie that was filmed at Sundance…it didn’t premiere at Sundance, it was filmed at Sundance.

Also, I’m a screenwriter and producer that had films that played at Sundance and Cannes.

And the author of Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers, which I’m sure we’re going to talk about.

Backstory. A lot of people confuse crowdsourcing with crowdfunding. They are two totally different things. And I was approached to write this book because of a talk I gave at AFM a few years back and because of my presence on social media and my ability to audience build and the fact that Stage 32 (as a platform) was completely crowdsourced…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd (American Film Market Presents)

1) 0:38 – Backstory

2) 1:27 – The American Film Market

3) 2:38 – Crowdsourcing Vs. Crowdfunding

4) 3:29 – Where Is The Audience?

5) 5:50 – Mile… Mile & A Half

6) 12:15 – First Steps To Building An Audience

7) 14:46 – Me Media?

8) 16:45 – Misconceptions About Audience Building

9) 18:58 – How To Fail At Crowdfunding

10) 22:43 – The Brand Of You

11) 26:40 – Personal Crowdsourcing Examples

12) 30:52 – Surprising Lesson

13) 32:12 – Know The Business

14) 34:04 – A Competitive Advantage

15) 35:14 – Rule Of 3

16) 38:16 – Where To Find The Book







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