A One-Stop Destination For Actors, Models, and Performers To Find Casting Opportunities – Interview with AllCasting.com


Film Courage: What is AllCasting.com? When did it begin?

AllCasting.com: AllCasting.com – it’s a one-stop destination for models, actors and performers to find opportunities, and for casting directors to find the right talent for their projects. We connect talent and casting professionals in minutes using unique technologies and features. It’s simple: we help performers get cast in the best projects for Movies, TV, and Fashion, and casting professionals to discover incredible talent.

AllCasting.com began on January 2018 – this year. In these months we’ve learned a lot and got a clear vision for the future. We’re celebrating passion and hard work, and we’re going to give more opportunity to those who truly want to succeed in show business. Our goal is to create a platform that takes a lot of work off both talents and casting directors – so that they can save time and focus on things they do best. We’re going to work even closer with both users and casting directors. We’re holding surveys, to make everyone’s experience on AllCasting.com even more pleasant.

Film Courage: What can AllCasting.com do for talent?

AllCasting.com: AllCasting.com provides all the necessary tools for talents to apply for auditions in the United States. That includes the opportunity to create a stunning talent profile to be noticed by casting directors and comp card that is widely used to represent talents when they apply for auditions online. On the site talents can easily find auditions that match their profile – by choosing location, required looks and types of roles. Talents can apply to these auditions on our platform hassle-free – it’s just one click away.

Film Courage:  What can AllCasting.com do for those seeking to hire talent?

AllCasting.com: AllCasting.com provides the necessary tools for casting professionals to find talents for their productions. That includes features that allow posting casting calls, as well as receive hundreds of applications from talents and to create shortlists hassle-free. The site is also extremely easy-to-use from a mobile device, and casting professionals can explore thousands of talents on AllCasting anytime.


“Actor’s fastest route to success is passion and quickest road to failure is the attitude. Casting directors respect hard workers and seeing that you want the job and are willing to work your butt off.”



Film Courage: Is there a cost for membership or to submit?

AllCasting.com: We are very excited to offer some of the site’s features absolutely FREE of charge. The talents can create their profiles and explore up to date casting calls at no cost. However, our membership covers everything a talent needs for seamless application to an unlimited amount of casting calls with our unique, easy-to-use technology. Subscription fee depends on the plan the talent chooses:

At the moment casting professionals can post their casting calls for free. They can use AllCasting technology to reach thousands of talents instantly and create shortlists of applications hassle-free.

Film Courage: What is required for membership?

AllCasting.com: 1) For Talents: No experience required. Talents have to sign up and fill out all required information: their age, measurements, gender, experience, etc. To have a quality profile and better chances of getting cast the talent needs to add as much information as they can and add various high-quality photos of themselves. When they subscribe to AllCasting, they can apply to as many casting calls as they want.


2) For Casting professionals: Casting professionals need to sign up and fill out all the required information, such as the name of the project, pay, hours, role requirements, etc. It’s so easy for casting professionals to explore thousands of talents and publishing casting calls is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Film Courage: How can someone post a casting call or gig?

AllCasting.com: Casting professionals need to sign up and fill out all the required information, such as the name of the project, pay, hours, description, role requirements, etc.

To get help with posting casting call information or cover photo or any other related issue casting directors are welcome to take advantage of our Casting Concierge service at concierge@allcasting.com

Film Courage: How can someone apply to a casting call or job?

AllCasting.com: Talents browse casting calls by location and personal filters to find casting calls that match their profile.


“Casting professionals appreciate dedicated performers they can trust and are taking this seriously. Otherwise – being a diva who will probably throw a tantrum in the process of shooting is something everyone wants to avoid.”



Once the talent finds a casting call that they want to apply to, they need to subscribe before they can apply via AllCasting platform. If the talent has already subscribed to AllCasting, then applying is just one click away!

Film Courage: Where are most of the casting calls located? 

AllCasting.com: Most of the casting calls are  located in NYC and Los Angeles, however, we have many casting calls are located all over the United States – San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Delaware, Houston, Miami, Boston, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville and many more. Most of our casting calls are for acting. However, you can also find casting notices for singing, dancing, and modeling for commercials or become a brand ambassador for well known brands.

Film Courage: Can talent apply for jobs that are not in their home zip code?

AllCasting.com: Yes, talents can apply for casting calls nationwide. From our interviews with our customers, we’ve heard that many performers have been traveling to other locations, simply because they are seizing every opportunity they can. What our most successful member can’t stress enough is – going to at least three auditions per week is the key to success.

Film Courage: Are there gigs in states other than California or New York?

AllCasting.com: Most of the casting calls are held in California or New York, however you can find a fair amount of casting calls in Illinois, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia and other states as well.

Film Courage:  What filters can you apply to either a talent search or searching for gigs?

AllCasting.com: Casting Directors can search talents by:

  • Location

  • Category, e.g., acting, modeling etc.

  • Personal filters, e.g., gender, age, ethnicity


Talents  can search jobs by:

  • Location

  • Category: acting, modeling etc.

  • Required gender, age, ethnicity; some casting calls have specific requirements for looks, depending on the specifics of the role

  • Keywords


Film Courage:  You have great tips for performers on finding your type and all the way down to what foods you should avoid. What are two of your favorite articles written on AllCasting.com?

AllCasting.com: We’re working on creating useful content that will help the talents to improve their profiles, teach how to act in auditions; guide them through the whole process. We give advice on how to communicate and also share professional tips for acting, modeling and more. We’re now focusing on the future — we’re looking forward to content we’re going to publish in upcoming weeks. One of our goals is that every next article surpasses the previous both in usability and quality, at the same time even the oldest articles stay relevant for years.


“Casting professionals love stability – in a sense that you leave an impression you’re really going through with this, finishing the job 100% with maximum effort. Nothing less.”



  • So far we’ve talked about health, we’ve given tips on auditions and a lot of inspiration on several topics that cover acting, modeling and more. Our goal is to cooperate with different industry professionals to create extremely professional and detailed content to help our talents get cast. In the near future you can expect tips on building your image as a talent,

  • Actionable advice and tactics on growing your fanbase from scratch,

  • Professional tips on both classical and method acting,

  • Detailed input on how to understand the background of every character,

  • How to create a character that acts consistently with their persona in terms of psychology,

  • How to use different body language elements to show different situations, emotions and relationships.

It’s going to be awe-inspiring.

Film Courage:  AllCasting.com also has a Youtube channel where acting professional Jonathan Salway provides insightful tips. What is your favorite video with him from the channel?

AllCasting.com: So far we’ve created a few videos with acting tips and from our interviews with talents we’re understanding more in detail what kind of content will help them to get in the spotlight and improve as performers. Our personal favorite might be “What is a Professional Headshot?” It’s simple and straightforward, and it gives actionable tips on something that is crucial to any actor going to auditions. Professional headshot, it’s like a business card for anyone who’s looking for new connections.

Film Courage:  What are some success stories you can share of people who have booked talent or been booked with AllCasting.com?

AllCasting.com: So far we haven’t been able to hear all the stories, since the hiring process from casting director side is held offline. Recently we started actively gathering our talent success stories and we’re hearing some positive feedback from our talents – getting a modeling job for an apparel brand in NYC, landing a dancing gig for a music video in Atlanta, nailing a supporting role for a commercial in Philadelphia. We’re going to gather more of these stories and hopefully quite soon you’ll see them on our website.  

Film Courage:  What is the actor’s fastest route to success and quickest road to failure?

AllCasting.com: Actor’s fastest route to success is passion and quickest road to failure is the attitude. Casting directors respect hard workers and seeing that you want the job and are willing to work your butt off. Casting professionals appreciate dedicated performers they can trust and are taking this seriously. Otherwise – being a diva who will probably throw a tantrum in the process of shooting is something everyone wants to avoid. Casting professionals love stability – in a sense that you leave an impression you’re really going through with this, finishing the job 100% with maximum effort. Nothing less.

Film Courage: What makes a headshot stand out to a casting director?

AllCasting.com: Clear headshot is a good start. We’ve seen a lot of low-quality bathroom selfies in the same posture and facial expression, group photos and portraits in sunglasses, or worse yet — filtered nightmares with bunny ears. High quality pictures makes you stand out. Bright colors and contrasts. Black and white might seem the way to go, but we suggest avoiding it. Adding diverse photos, also include full body shots. Show how you look in different situations, using photos as an opportunity to show your ability to become anyone.

Film Courage: What do’s and don’ts do you recommend to actors for promoting themselves on social media?

AllCasting.com: We’re currently preparing a complete guide on creating your online persona that anyone will be able to read on AllCasting Classroom. Here are some quick tips:

  • Start with understanding and building your own image. Show your unique side, what makes you stand out in the crowd. Perhaps color red really suits you, so your signature look might be red lipstick, red nails, red hat, hair, etc. Finding your signature look or feature that people will remember is crucial. Having a consistent style is something that will make you more memorable.

  • Find your tone of voice. Make your style of writing also memorable. Perhaps poetic style really suits your image, or maybe analytical and deeply educated language makes the most sense for you. Or adding a joke here and there might work, if you’re considered to be the funny guy or gal.

  • Find a topic that you really understand and love. Talk about it, voice your opinion, inform people about facts and news – that will build your credibility. If people see that you really know what you’re talking about, they will respect what you have to say – and they will follow you to hear more.

  • Research and analyze social networks before you create accounts. Choose a few social networks that you understand the best and that make the most sense for your image.

  • For Twitter and Instagram do som research to find relevant hashtags to use for your content. Don’t be random, use hashtags that people actually seek and that are relevant to the content that you’re posting. That will give you extra reach.

  • Don’t be scared to fail with your first videos. Everyone has started somewhere, and even the most popular YouTubers right now started with low quality webcams and questionable content that they’re  probably embarrassed of. You can start by creating reaction videos to get even more fans. One simply can’t have progress without process, and process always includes failure as well. The only way you won’t fail is by doing nothing, and that by our opinion is the biggest failure of them all.


Film Courage: What makes an actor fail an audition?

AllCasting.com: There are so many ways how an actor can fail an audition. Here are some of the most typical ones:

  • Not being on time. Instant failure.

  • Dressing inappropriately for the occasion. Overdressed, you can actually be too formal, unless you’re auditioning for a role that needs to look that way. Look natural, however put some effort to look good.

  • Showing attitude. Being a diva isn’t the best image, and it’s most certainly not when you’re a nobody (or anyone for that matter, except if you’re Mariah Carey). Show some humility. Be humble and work hard.

  • Commenting the script. Telling them they’re doing their job wrong. Giving suggestions on how your character would talk. You think you’re showing extra effort, but most of the time you’re just making things worse.

  • Babbling, giving too much intro, talking about things they don’t care about.

  • After playing the part you need to play, giving a monologue of excuses why you didn’t do your best job, how you can do better and so on. The fact is – you didn’t. They don’t care about excuses.

  • Simply being mediocre. If you don’t have a consistent image, lack charisma, have no signature features you won’t be memorable. Find the thing that makes you stand out. Just don’t overdo it. Be your gorgeous, wonderful self.


Film Courage: Aside from acting, modeling or background talent, can you tell us about what’s involved in being a brand ambassador?

AllCasting.com: Brand ambassador is quite similar to acting in commercials. You become the face of a company – it includes promoting their product. Brand ambassador is basically a company’s public advocate.

Whether it’s embarking on an online platform, leaving a supportive community to pursue a creative career in a big city or whatever, what is the best way to continue having a positive attitude no matter what life throws you?

Keeping in mind that nothing worth having comes easy. Everyone who’s somebody in a show business has gone through struggles and rejections; success comes for the price of failure. (For example, Sam Jackson or whatever other actor).

Film Courage: What is next for AllCasting.com? 

AllCasting.com: We’re actively working on bringing an even better user experience both for talents and for casting professionals. That includes new features on the platform:

  • Personalized tips & suggestions for next steps for improving your talent profile.

  • Personalized tips & suggestions in the process of creating casting calls.

  • Making it even easier to browse casting calls and find relevant casting calls for you.

We’re also planning to have contests and give talents more opportunity to get on the spotlight. Lastly, AllCasting is planned to expand into other countries as well.



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