Films With No Famous People Don’t Get Made by West Liang

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Film Courage: So let’s pretend this is the moment that you’ve just finished ALL I WANT, you’ve just finished the script and now it’s time for you to begin marketing and pitching it.

Who are you calling and how are you setting up these meetings?

West Liang: This is before the movie is made?

Film Courage: This is your script.

West Liang: I think this film taps into a certain audience who’s interested in kind of almost foreign cinema. The ideas that happen in this movie are almost…I mean I think the lines of fracture in the relationships and the lives of people in this story are kind of micro fractures.

But those micro fractures have a big effect on the world of these people. So I think I would probably be interested in talking to someone who is interested in foreign cinema, interested in kind of indie filmmaking, the kind that doesn’t depend on these garden variety plot-points about there is a car crash here, there is a gunshot here, which all have very important value in different kinds of films. But I think in this film it’s really nuanced. I think there’s a lot of subtext, there’s a lot of nuance.

So I would be talking who are interested in those kind of films.

Film Courage: Do you ever do cold-calling? You strike me as the type that you’re not intimidated. You’re not like this blustering salesperson, but you are just open and and you kind of perceive the world that way, too. So you’re not really intimated.

West Liang: I am putting on a really, really good face.

Film Courage: Oh…okay. I don’t know. Going back to the scales…I hate to bring it back to that. But it seems like you’re not too shy but you’re not too much of this hardcore salesmen if you were going to pitch it how would you approach it?

West Liang: You know it’s hard because the…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

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