Building A Movie Studio And Filmmaking Career by Jay Silverman

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Film Courage: When did you decide you were going to begin your own studio?

Jay Silverman: When I graduated from Brooks Institute (I think 1975 believe it or not), I was fortunate enough to occupy a rental building that had a little teeny office and from the very beginning of my career I saw the advantages of having some kind of exclusive place that I can go to each day rather than work out of my house. That extended over time and into me acquiring a studio and then it became really a great part of the complexion of my career is to have the tools available 24/7 versus waking up in the morning, producing a movie and renting everything.

So I did what probably is not even possible anymore but I started to acquire stuff and save it and I did that through all of the years that I’ve been in this business, which has been quite a substantial amount of years.

Film Courage: Like 37 you have on your site?

Jay Silverman: I’ve been in the business doing television and commercials for at least 20 but I’ve been in the field for 37 years.

Film Courage: So going back 37 years what did you envision success to look like versus what do you envision it to be now? Because I know when someone starts a venture, they have all these grand ideas about how life’s going to be and what’s going to be like every day to run a business, but then having been in the trenches, 7 days a week…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).