Writing A Romantic Comedy Masterclass With Author Pamela Jaye Smith [FULL INTERVIEW]

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Film Courage: Pamela, with romantic comedies, is falling in love really supposed to be funny?

Pamela Jaye Smith: Well, falling in love seldom is funny. Now it’s hopefully fun. But I think what romantic comedies and the funny look at the situations can do for us, it can make it easier for us to take a look at what happens and how frightened we sometimes get if the changes that are happening when we start falling in love and the resistance that comes from within and often from without, you know? From friends and family who are “What are you doing with that person?” And maybe society’s strictures against who you’re falling in love with.

Watch the video here on Youtube

So to take a comedic look at some of those situations can be helpful because then you can go “Oh…okay. Other people have faced this kind of situation, here are some solutions. Maybe we can work that out, too?”

Film Courage: Well, I know in looking at your book ROMANTIC COMEDIES: These Films Can Save Your Love Life, you use one of the case studies of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. And it sounds like we’re talking about similar things, where the family was so strong that they only wanted…they were very possessive and they had her as only this one type of person and kind of gave her [Protagonist Toula Portokalos] the impression that she couldn’t have another type [that she wanted to be with]. That was the beauty of the film, that two opposites came together.

Pamela Jaye Smith: Yes, it’s a very good example of that. And I think it’s also a good example when we say…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).