3 Best Ways For A Writer To Grab A Reader’s Attention by Author Carole Kirschner

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Carole Kirschner:  If you have an idea that could be on the show, that’s not quite good enough. It should be something that fits in, that captures the voice and tone of the show, but goes a little beyond what they do.

My favorite, favorite spec concept was for Cheers [TV series that ran from 1982 to 1993] which most of your viewers will not know anything about.

Film Courage: I loved it!

Cheers TV Series

Carole Kirschner: I loved it. So in real life The Pope came to Boston where that show is set. And The Pope went down the main street in his Pop-mobile and in this spec The Pope goes to Cheers [the bar in the TV show] because he has to use the bathroom.

So The Pope goes into the bathroom, leaves, and people are just stunned that The Pope came and used their bathroom and then somebody steals the toilet.

The thing about it is, it’s a funny concept and it was a way to show each of the main characters, what their views on religion and spirituality were.

So any time you can pick a concept where you reveal more about the characters, the better.

Film Courage:  Okay, so if you know let’s suppose Silicon Valley is the show that you love. And you know these characters would definitely do this and I can totally see this working, that’s almost a negative?

Carole Kirschner: No, no, it’s not a negative. That’s the starting point, is that this is accurate, this is something that fits into this world. And then you try something that pushes it a little bit. Not aliens are landing. That’s a really bad idea. You want to stay with the reality of the world, but just go deeper. Find something deeper about the character.

And I once said on a podcast start your script with sex, death or greed. They always work. Grab people’s attention with one of those things.

Question for the Viewers: Have you written any TV spec scripts?

For which shows?

Watch the video interview on Youtube here




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