6 Tips For A Traveling Filmmaker by Christopher Smith of the Environmental Thriller Documentary CURRENT SEA

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Film Courage: Just a few days ago Christopher you had a piece published on No Film School which was 10 Production-Saving Tips for Filming in a Remote Location. It was excellent advice and I was just wondering if we can talk about a few of them? Maybe some of which you consider the most important?

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Christopher Smith: I think the most important thing (hands down) is just the need to do your homework and prepare before your trip because information that you get from that process informs all of the decisions you are going to have to make throughout the whole production in terms of what’s the climate like? What’s your resources there? Where are the emergency facilities? What’s the culture like? All of those things, they inform everything from what kind of equipment you bring to what kind of clothing you bring (like all that stuff). But also logistics in terms of transportation and I think it just really informs it all, you know?

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I think another one might be just the safety issues in terms of preparing with getting the right insurance in place just in case of unforeseen circumstances. And what you need to take with you in terms of your well-being and what information you need in terms of being evacuated or something like that should something go wrong. So yeah, I think those are the two obviously big ones. And then there’s lots of follow on pieces of advice just about gear and what to consider with that.

Film Courage: I thought what was interesting was that you said don’t have your gear in bags that scream “Hey I’m a filmmaker! And I have expensive gear!” Maybe can you talk about some ways to downplay the fact that you are essentially wearing thousands of dollars worth of gear on you?

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Christopher Smith: Right…That’s a really tricky one because at times you just can’t hide it but definitely I opt to not take Pelican cases or any sort of hard case.

And for carry ons, well I carry on my camera always and I’ll just have like a soft backpack camera bag. And I think that’s actually way more practical than a Pelican case anyways. But it also tends to look like just a big backpack (which is nice).

And for checked stuff I…(Watch the video on Youtube here).

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