Skills Everyone Needs To Succeed In Hollywood by Author Carole Kirschner

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Film Courage: You talked about something in your book and that’s the magic of making people feel special. And I think we all think we do this ‘the right way,’ but we probably don’t. So what are some of the ways (aside from complimenting people, which I think is great), but how can we show this either verbally or non-verbally?

Carole Kirschner: There are a couple of different ways, one is actually by listening. Most people…I won’t say most people…many people don’t listen. When you are having a conversation with them, it’s a monologue. “Let me tell you about me. Let me tell you about what I did. Let me tell you about my kid. Let me tell you about my project.  Let me tell you…”

If you actually, actively listen to somebody, they feel seen and heard and appreciated.

I’m a big fan of gifts, nothing over the top but I taught my daughter (who went into be an intern) on the first day you bring snacks, you know what I mean? You bring cookies or muffins or something else.

Or afterwards you send something to thank people. You thank people genuinely and sincerely for giving their time because in this business that is in short supply. So thanking people in a genuine way, not an ass-kissy way, sending a little something is really nice to do and listening to people. Helping people, finding a way that you can help somebody. That’s huge. That is how you make somebody feel special.

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: When you do want to thank somebody, is it a text message, is it via social media? Do you Tweet them “Hey, just want to say thank you, Carole!” Or is it an actual email or a card?

Carole Kirschner: If you’re thanking somebody who is under 25, it can be a text if you happen to know their cell number. I’m not sure why you know their cell number, but if you happen to it can be a text.

It could be a private Tweet. I personally think it should be an email to them and it should be within 24 hours and it should be a paragraph or less.

And if you’ve met with somebody who’s old school, send a card but don’t have kittens on that card. Don’t have anything too cute on that card. Just your initial or a thank you, very simple. And I think that works, too.

I think you really have to decide who you’re sending it to.


Question for the Viewers: Have you thanked somebody today?





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