Candy & Ronnie World Premiere at the 2017 Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles


Los Angeles,  CA – Strad Films is proud to announce that their short film Candy & Ronnie has been officially selected for the 2017 Awareness Film Festival.
Candy & Ronnie is officially selected for the 2017 Awareness Film Festival.


The director Skyko was inspired to write the story by his younger brother’s battle with addiction, eventually passing away from opioid’s in 2009.


The entire USA is in the midst of a crisis.  Opioid overdoses have killed more people each year than automobile accidents and homicides COMBINED!
Skyko relates, “We hope our film attracts a young adult audience with some of it’s raw, unrefined humor, yet at the same time covertly raises awareness about the dangers of painkillers, opioids, recreational drugs etc…  Many people have promising lives, dreams & aspirations yet everything can change in a blink of an eye.”


Tyler Tackett as Billy Isaaks & Mair Mulroney as Alice Murphy.


Candy & Ronnie will be screened Saturday October 7th at 9PM at Regal L.A. LIVE 1000 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA tickets are $15 and all purchases will go to the non-profit organization Heal One World.  You can purchase your ticket at the Awareness Film Festival website.




Skyko, Lucy Macedo, Tyler Tackett, Paul Stanczak, and many others from the Candy & Ronnie team will be present and will participate in a Q&A after the film.
About Candy & Ronnie:


Synopsis: Billy Isaaks (Tyler Tackett) sits paralyzed in his darkened living room piecing together fragmented flashbacks of his tumultuous relationship with live-in girlfriend Alice Murphy (Mair Mulroney). He fondly remembers the early days of puppy love but his memory soon unleashes the not so distant past when an innocent evening of recreational drug use 360’s into a weekend drug binge with the pizza guy (Paul Stanczak). Is Billy repressing thoughts of a threesome, the drugs he knows they took or both? His nightmare unravels before our eyes.


Lead Actor and Co-Producer Tyler Tackett


Running Time: 16 minutes
Genre: Drama
Cast: Tyler Tackett, Mair Mulroney, Paul Stanczak, David Hill, Roni Weissman, John Crickellas, James Bahman & Drew Mason.



About Strad Films: is blazing into the future with reckless abandon, creating pure, independent cinema, living in the moment with no apology or desire to fit into any mold, model or stereotype.  Not accepting anything less than 110% from ourselves and the creatives we collaborate with.  We need to connect with other fearless actors and independent filmmakers that have the same insane desires and belief.  Join us, the crazy lunatics who put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, year after year, inching our way forward through the mire of the mundane – championing that which only the independent spirit will embrace… the wild, the wicked and the free.



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