What Writers Need To Know About Breaking Into Television by Scott Kirkpatrick

Watch the video interview on Youtube here


What Writers Need To Know About Breaking Into Television by Scott Kirkpatrick


Film Courage:  In [your book] Writing for the Green Light, you have Chapter 4 and that’s entitled ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Write for Television.’  I love that title.  Can we talk about some of the highlights of that chapter?

Scott Kirkpatrick:  Yeah…when I was newer to the industry, there was always sort of two schools of thought.  You either wrote for television or you wrote for movies.  The movie side is kind of cut and dry.  There’s the 3-act structure, etc. Whereas television is kind of all over the map.  And what I was always taught when I was younger was…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Check out Scott’s book Writing for the Green Light: How to make your script the one Hollywood notices

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
 100,000 Screenplays Written Every Year, How Does A Screenwriter Stand Out?
by Author Scott Kirkpatrick


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About Scott Kirkpatrick:  

Scott is the author of the book Writing for the Green Light: How to Make Your Script the One Hollywood Notices and is the Senior Vice President of North & South American business development, sales and global digital strategy for the London-based distributor DRG. Previously, Kirkpatrick served as Executive Director of Distribution for MarVista Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production and distribution company that produces original TV movies and has managed international TV deals on major franchises including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Before shifting to the distribution side of the industry, Kirkpatrick worked behind the scenes on major studio productions, including Talladega Nights: The Balled of Ricky Bobby. Kirkpatrick has also produced and directed TV series and feature films including Eye for an Eye, Muslims in America and Roadside Massacre.






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