An Idea Is Worth Very Little In Hollywood by Gary W. Goldstein


Watch the video interview on Youtube here

An Idea Is Worth Very Little In Hollywood by Gary W. Goldstein


Film Courage:  Just to follow-up on what we were talking about previously.  There are two schools of thought, you have people who say “You can’t be so precious about the work.  You can’t hold it so tightly and be so paranoid” (i.e., over-protective of your ideas/intellectual property).

And then you have someone brilliant like Steve Jobs who was incredibly secretive about ideas/upcoming products, etc. [From what we’ve read] you wouldn’t know sometimes what was coming out from Apple or there were rumors in Silicon Valley, whatever and we [The General Public] wouldn’t know until years later sometimes.  Which this [secretive] style obviously worked out for him in many ways.  So it’s an interesting mix.  How do we go in the middle where we are not too paranoid about our work being taken (too precious).  I see some filmmakers who won’t even have their trailer embeddable because they are afraid for whatever (maybe they just didn’t click the button) but to that level versus someone that is an open book who is (unfortunately) easily taken advantage of (and I’m not saying this happened in your case).  Believing in the good in people (because you’re good) but protecting yourself.  I think there is a fine line.

Gary W. Goldstein:  Look there are two sides to ever idea.  (Watch the video on Youtube here).


Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Watch the video interview on Youtube here



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