Selling A Screenplay For $1 by Blayne Weaver

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
Selling A Screenplay For $1 by Blayne Weaver


Film Courage:  Blayne, how many screenplays have you sold?
Blayne Weaver:  Sold? Sold…I would say maybe five?
Film Courage:  Okay.
Blayne Weaver:  Yeah.  Something like that.  I think only two of them have been made though, you know what I mean?  Normally I am hired to write something and then it gets produced that way where they have a very specific plan for what’s going to happen to it.
I’ve got specs that are out there all over the place.  They just float around.  I’ve got this great (I think it’s a great script!) that I really love about rodeo.  I’ve got this other script about politics, kind of like a Casablanca set in politics.  Like they’ve both been out there and people love them and they are just kind of floating, waiting for lightning to strike and the movie to take off.
Blayne Weaver (front right with large-rimmed hat) in THE GOOD OLD BOYS (1995)
Film Courage:  Well how did you sell your first screenplay?
Blayne Weaver:  Dumb, dumb luck.  As far as selling goes, I think you would count MANIC as a sale because Michael Bacall and I wrote that.  We were roommates at the time.  And we wrote the script together and then we went to try to get it made…(watch the video on Youtube here).
Watch the video interview on Youtube here



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Lyndie Greenwood and Blayne Weaver in CUT TO THE CHASE – watch it on iTunes here








About Blayne:

Weaver wrote, directed and starred in the Southern Film Noir thriller CUT TO THE CHASE. Previously he starred in writer/director Paul Osborne’s psychological thriller FAVOR and the acclaimed romantic comedy 6 MONTH RULE (alongside Martin Starr, Natalie Morales and John Michael Higgins) which he also wrote and directed. Previous films he’s written and directed include WEATHER GIRL (with Tricia O’Kelley, Mark Harmon, Jon Cryer and Jane Lynch) and OUTSIDE SALES. He also co-wrote and acted in MANIC (Don Cheadle, Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Zooey Deschanel), directed by Jordan Melamed, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. To date he has written 8 produced feature films.

He has appeared in films such as WHERE WE’RE MEANT TO BE, JUNK, DEEP DARK CANYON, OFFICIAL REJECTION and THE GOOD OLD BOYS opposite Tommy Lee Jones. His numerous episodic television credits include ER, NCIS, and THE MIDDLEMAN. He also provided the voice of Peter Pan in the Disney animated feature RETURN TO NEVERLAND.

Originally from Louisiana, Weaver currently resides in New York City and Los Angeles (read more here).





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