Improving Screenwriting Skills With Creative Integration by Corey Mandell

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Corey Mandell:  When I work with a writer I will train them through creative integration.  So what we do is make them write to their weakness and hide their strength.

So if I am right-handed and I my left hand is really uncoordinated, if I literally tie my right hand behind my back for a month and I do everything with my left hand, it’s going to get stronger and more coordinated.  Now during that month I might spill a lot of things and be very inefficient but over time I’ll develop my left arm and coordination and the strength, then I’ll learn how to integrate the two.

For a conceptual writer they will work exclusively from the intuitive part.  They will learn how to turn off the conceptual part.  The conceptual part has all these big ideas and worries about story a lot.  It has all these anxieties and judgment.  And you turn that off and teach them how to create from a pure, authentic, emotional space.  Now their writing may not be well-structured.  It might not be something they are going to show an agent but through that process their characters will come alive, their dialogue will come alive.  And one of the key things when (watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage:  Corey, what are some of the tell-tale signs that a student in one of your classes is using an old writing model?

Corey Mandell:  So when I work with writers, I separate story design from story execution. So story design is…if you were going on a vacation and you wanted to have a romantic, relaxing vacation…(watch the video interview here on Youtube).

Check out the book Mindset (which Corey refers to in many of his Film Courage videos)


Watch the video interview on Youtube here
Watch the video interview on Youtube here








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