8 Truths From 8 Years Of Film Courage


FilmCourage.com celebrated 8 years on April 9, 2017. In those 8 years, much has happened. Here are 8 truths we’ve discovered at Film Courage during this time. Much of this can be applied to many things in life such as going to college, making a film, writing a book, creating a webseries, etc. Please take from it any nuggets that may apply and leave the rest.

Thank you for helping us stay afloat during this near decade of interesting times.

Happy Filmmaking,



1. New Ideas are the spark of life. Sustained interest takes daily work and is never as easy as it appears.


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2. Start small, build later. Whatever the endeavor, the smaller you start the better, because it ensures that high-overhead won’t wipe you out down the line.


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3. Embark on something because you find it interesting or it makes you think. Social media hits, perceived success, pats on the back are nice. Facing the computer on a daily basis should come from a general interest of what stirs you. An endeavor doesn’t even have to be something that is your first love. It has to be something that stirs up an intensity inside you.


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4. There will be days when you lose interest in something. On those days, take a break. Come back to it in the morning.


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5. There will be people who’ll tell you in numerous subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways that your idea is faulty, sucks, will never work, etc. Consider the source, take thought that some of what they’re saying may be true and may not be true. Then proceed with what you want to do anyway.


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6. What is interesting to you is usually interesting to others. Stick to this rule. Aim to generate thought-provoking, if not debateful, conversation.



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7. You can’t please everyone.

8. If you can imagine something else you’d rather be creating, do it! But if you can’t think of anything else, no matter how painful, dull, confusing a creative endeavor becomes, know your reasons, and reinforce to yourself the ‘why‘ of what you’re doing.








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