Traveling To The World’s Most Frozen Lands – COLD LOVE Documentary by Deia Schlosberg on VOD

Watch Cold Love on Vimeo here

Why do Polar explorers and mountain climbers leave the comforts of home to explore our planet’s remote world of ice and snow? How can they fall in love with something so harsh and unforgiving?

Watch Cold Love on Vimeo here

No one knows the answer more intimately than explorers who travel the frozen terrain. As they strip off the trappings of society and carry only the absolute necessities, these adventurers connect to their core selves as they connect to the frozen earth. The brush of wind against skin tells the forecast. The path of the sun traversing the sky tells the time. The shadows against ice and snow tell the direction they travel. The force of the wind tells whether they travel or not. And all the while, no matter where they go, no matter how difficult the journey, these adventurers feel at home in the cold, a world they are passionate about nurturing.

Cold Love Trailer from deia schlosberg on Vimeo.


Cold Love follows polar explorer Lonnie Dupre through 25 years of exploration, revealing the dramatic beauty and life-giving forces of our earth’s frozen places. When viewed up close, both the majesty and fragility of this world is clear for all to see. And in the seeing, we can’t help but be inspired to love and protect our earth’s frozen places, which act as a thermostat to regulate the global climate and provide a stable environment.

This one hour adventure film reveals our planet’s breathtaking world of ice and snow, and the need to keep these frozen regions healthy in order for our planet to survive. Filmed in Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Alaska and Minnesota.



About Filmmaker Deia Schlosberg:

Deia most recently produced Josh Fox’s latest film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (2016), which premiered at Sundance and is available on HBO, iTunes, Google Play, many other services, and has screened at hundreds of film festivals and community events around the world. Deia earned an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University in Bozeman, where she produced and directed Backyard, which looks at the human cost of fracking. The film won two student Emmys (Best Documentary, Bricker Humanitarian Award), and screened at film festivals around the world, winning several audience choice and special jury awards. The film is currently part of several community campaigns to keep the oil and gas industry from further contaminating the environment and causing disastrous health impacts (read more here).



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Watch Cold Love on Vimeo here

COLD LOVE – Cold Love highlights three expeditions spanning many years of Lonnie Dupre’s career — the first non-motorized circumnavigation of Greenland, the first summer expedition to the North Pole, and the first attempt of a solo January ascent of Denali. The film’s powerful footage reveals up-close the beauty and life-giving forces of these icy realms. And in seeing, we can’t help but be inspired to love and protect our earth’s frozen places. Not only are they beautiful and fragile, but they are the global engine that regulates the climate and provides a stable environment for all life on the planet.


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