One of Alan Thicke’s Last Performances IT’S NOT MY FAULT AND I DON’T CARE ANYWAY Hits VOD March 14, 2017

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Famous motivational speaker Patrick Spencer (Alan Thicke) refuses to pay the kidnapping ransom for his only daughter Diana, leaving only the unlikely friendship between Diana and a goon-for-hire standing between her and a body bag.

It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway from 108 Media on Vimeo.

Patrick Spencer is famous for his philosophy ‘It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway.’ His book of the same name has earned him a lot of money and the adoration of his enormous fan base.

When small-time crook Johnny 3-Fingers discovers that he’s been selling drugs to Patrick’s daughter Diana, he hatches a plan. Johnny enlists “Giant Man” Brian Calhoun (Quinton Aaron), an intimidating yet gentle heroin-addict, to help kidnap Diana and demand a ransom.




Unfortunately for Johnny, he underestimates Patrick’s “I don’t care” philosophy.

In this dark comedy, unlikely friendships are formed and selfishness is taken to the point of no return. Could it be that Patrick is right, and everyone only cares about themselves in the end?

About the Cast:

Alan Thicke: was an actor, singer, songwriter and television personality. Perhaps best know for his role as Jason Seaver in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains, Thicke appeared in an array of feature films and hit television shows. In 2013, Thicke was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Quinton Aaron: is an American actor who made his film debut in 2008’s Be Kind Rewindand went on to find success starring opposite Sandra Bullock in 2009’s The Blind Side. Aaron has kept himself busy with a dozen projects on the go, several in post-production.

Leah Doz: is a National Theatre School of Canada graduate. She also trained at Seacoast Theatre Centre in Vancouver and Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts in Edmonton. She has performed at the Stratford Festival, the Soulpepper Theatre Company, and the National Arts Centre.




Edmonton- 9/3/04- Photo by Ian Jackson

About Writer/Director Chris Craddock:

Chris is a friendly bon vivant with a penchant for weightlifting and a large Incredible Hulk action figure collection. He was born to a religious home in Kitchener Ontario, and has been a writer ever since.

His background is in the theatre, where he has penned over thirty plays, including musicals, solo shows and plays for young audiences. A highlight was Bash’d! A Gay Rap Musical which played Off Broadway and won a GLAAD media award.

He has since added TV and Film to his pursuits, co-creating Tiny Plastic Men with Mosaic Entertainment for SuperChannel. It’s now in its fourth season and looking towards a fifth. We’ve been nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy three times in a row, so it can longer be attributed to clerical error.

Chris is also the writer/director of It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway starring Alan Thicke and Quentin Aaron. He has written an action feature called NinjaGirl (currently being pitched by Mosaic Entertainment) a romantic comedy called Dorothy, combining elements of comedy, fantasy and science fiction.



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See the late Alan Thicke in It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway on iTunes here

IT’S NOT MY FAULT AND I DON’T CARE ANYWAY – A rich and famous self-help guru’s controversial philosophy of extreme selfishness is put to the ultimate test when his only daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom (featuring the late Alan Thicke)




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