A Tip On Writing The Main Character Of A Comedy Screenplay by Steve Kaplan

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Steve Kaplan: To go back to Connections, in SPY Movie we have Melissa McCarthy meeting all sorts of people that are going to come to help her. She meets Aldo who is this seemingly Italian spy who is working for the CIA but who is always on the make and seemingly is always trying to stick his tongue down Melissa McCarthy’s throat. Her friend Nancy who is there helping her from the basement in Langley (Virginia) shows up in Rome and is going to help her deal with all her missions as she’s trying to retrieve the nuclear bomb.

Even Rayna who is seemingly her nemesis (played brilliantly by Rose Byrne) turns out (in the end) in fact be another ally. So in Connections is the part of the movie in which your protagonist not only is moving outside their comfort zone, becoming a more actualized, more complete person. But they are able to reach out and create new relationships on a new basis.

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One of the things that I do want to talk about in terms of the Normal World, one of the things I didn’t mention yet is that in the Normal World your protagonist has flawed or absent relationships.

Bill Murray (GROUNDHOG DAY) doesn’t have a girlfriend, he doesn’t really respect women. Ben Stiller in TROPIC THUNDER, his only relationship is his agent and even that is just kind of somebody to get him a tebow to be sent to this jungle where he’s shooting this movie. And of course, Melissa McCarthy (SPY) has no relationships. She pines for Jude Law and we can see from an earlier scene where Jude Law takes her out to dinner to thank her for being such a good helper back in the CIA basement that’s where he kind of gives her this terrible crazy cupcake piece of jewelry because we can see that he doesn’t really see her as an equal.

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So in the Connections part of the Comic Hero’s Journey, because your character is transforming, your character is growing, and again, without them knowing it, we the audience can see it, but they’re still not aware of it. That is when these unexpected allies and also unexpected enemies can come out. That’s the part of the movie where Melissa McCarthy realizes that Karen Walker who she idolized, who was a star femme fatale spy at the CIA was really a double agent.


QUESTION: Think of any comedy movie, does the main character have any flawed or absent relationships in the beginning?


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