What is the Zooppa T-Mobile Hi-Mom! Project? Are You Adventurous Enough to Win $12,000?

The T-Mobile ‘Hi, Mom’ project focuses on sharing the most extreme moments of adventure outside of the United States with family and friends back at home.



Film Courage: What is the T-Mobile “Hi Mom” Project?

Zooppa: T-Mobile gives its customers unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries and destinations—at no extra cost. Zooppa and T-Mobile are teaming up and want to inspire their customers to travel. Get off-the-beaten path and unlock adventures they can share when they take their phones.

The mission is to create videos 30 60 seconds in length that share the most extreme moments of an adventure outside of the United States with friends and family back home. Think adventure sports, exotic foods, and secret sights. Not only do we want to see the adventure seeker, but also the reactions of their family!

Film Courage: How is Zooppa involved?

Zooppa: Zooppa is hosting the project on their platform, zooppa.com.

Film Courage: How can someone submit?

Zooppa: Anyone can submit! Create a Zooppa account at community.zooppa.com and head on over to the project page. It’s free to join and you can submit as many videos as you want.

Film Courage: Who is the ideal person to submit?

Zooppa: Anyone who is creative and wants to capture an adventurous moment (or two).

Film Courage: Is there an age limit for submitters?

Zooppa: Anyone 14 and up can submit.

Film Courage: What type of videos is this project looking for? How long should these videos be?

Zooppa: Videos should be 30-60 seconds in length. The desired look is “chat style” like Facetime or Skype. The footage should capture the parents and their “freak out” moments when seeing their kid do something crazy.

Film Courage: Can someone make the videos with only a camera phone or can they use a DSLR or other format?

Zooppa: Camera Phone or DSLR is fine! As long as the ratio is 1920 x 1080 HD

Film Courage: Do’s and don’ts submitters should know about before making or submitting their work?

-Call someone special you’d love to amaze, impress, or shock with your adventure. If you’re not able to connect, be sure to tell them where you are and what they’re about to see.

-Film most of it on your phone, but don’t be afraid to go beyond the on-device camera of use professional tools to cheat it.

-Capture both sides of the call on video or use a third-person POV to create something you’d post on their Facebook wall. When it comes to their reaction, it should feel authentic and spontaneous.

-Make sure you get audio of your experience and your family or friends’ reaction. Let’s hear it all—don’t worry, we’ll edit out profanity! Please use English only.

-Capture the scene—if you’re trying to make them jealous of where you are, well, show them.

-Submit talent releases for all talent that appears in your video. Zooppa provides these forms on their site.

-Tell us where your video is filmed! Add the filming location to the video description at the time of upload.

-Take a look at the Picture-in-Picture Guidance PDF (also available in the Materials) for details on how the picture-in-picture format should appear.


-Don’t break the law or put yourself in danger. You know what’s pretty awesome? Not dying.

-Don’t create an ad for T-Mobile, mention T-Mobile or the Un-carrier, show any logos or other marks.

-Don’t include music over your video

Don’t create a commercial. This should feel documentary style and artful. We are celebrating travel and adventure.

Film Courage: Will there be only one winner?

Zooppa: Nope! There are eight awards available and it is possible for a single video to win more than once.

Film Courage: What types of awards are available?

Zooppa: There are $40,000 in cash awards available to the top 8 videos. $12,000 for first place; $8,000 for second; $5,000 for third; $4,000 for fourth and fifth; $3,000 for sixth; and $2,000 for seventh and eighth place.

Film Courage: What are some things someone should prepare for before entering the project? How should the better prepare themselves?

Zooppa: Be sure to follow the brief pretty closely. For those of you that have a creative idea that is outside of the brief, we recommend creating two versions—one that matches the requirements and one that is your ideal submission! It’s a good idea to have your actors fill out the talent releases in advance so you save time later. If you’d like your concept reviewed before filming, feel free to send it to support@zooppa.com. You can also utilize our forums if you have any general questions to the Zooppa community or staff regarding the project.

Film Courage: Can you provide some fun examples of video ideas that are safe yet adventurous?


(Bad Quality) but Awesome live video chat with desired content and tone

Excellent user-generated tone and quality

The high-five transitions aren’t necessary, but we like that he looks directly into the camera, as well as the video’s narrative

Film Courage: Is there a deadline to submit the project?

Zooppa: The deadline to submit any video is February 21st, 2017 at 4:00PM PST. If you have any questions along the way, email us beforehand at support@zooppa.com so we can help!


Need a refresher on what Zooppa is? Zooppa is a global social network comprised of creative talent, committed to the vision of real people and innovative brands working together. From its global headquarters in Seattle, Zooppa has expanded rapidly, enabling major brands and their ad agencies to produce high quality content with creative talent worldwide.

How does it work? Zooppa partners with leading brands and agencies to bring their creative community members opportunities to produce engaging ads and boost their portfolios. Companies develop a creative brief describing their brand’s attributes, the target audience, and the objectives of the campaign. The creative brief is shared on Zooppa’s site and community members are invited to create content in various formats. For example, producing a viral video, designing an animated sequence, creating a print ad, and even writing scripts or concepts for potential ads.




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Hi, Mom!” Zooppa has partnered up with T-Mobile on a brand new project! T-Mobile gives its customers unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries and destinations—at no extra cost. T-Mobile wants to inspire those customers to travel and get off-the-beaten path—to be explorers, not tourists—and unlock adventures they can share when they take their phones. The ‘Hi, Mom’ project focuses on sharing the most extreme moments of adventure outside of the United States with family and friends back at home.

The project is open for submissions until February 21st, 2017 at 4:00 PM PST. There are $40,000 in total cash awards available that will be assigned to the top eight videos chosen by T-Mobile. In addition to the cash awards, all winning videos will also be featured on T-Mobile’s social and web platforms or as a part of a compilation celebrating adventurous moments from around the world.




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