There Are Days Where We All Can Use Motivation.

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2018 is near. Whether you have New Year’s Resolutions to improve on your art form or are struggling with the dark days that accompany any pursuit, this video has been a favorite of ours to prepare. There are days where we all can use motivation. We made this for one of those days.


Here is a short excerpt from this motivation video:

Film Courage: Miles, how many times [while rehearsing for your role as Vinny Paz in BLEED FOR THIS] did you get punched in the face?

Miles Teller: Over one. Less than 100. The first time was like a little shocking and then after that it’s like “O.k. you got yours. Now I’ve got something for you.”

Bill Duke: People who are serious about what they are doing, they go, go, go and then they have a dip. They have one or two choices of getting out of that. You can continue doing what you’re doing or you can begin to learn from where you’ve been and turn it into an advantage.

Nathalie Martinez: …Because the struggle never stops. I mean I’m in movies and television and I still hustle and try to get the next job and I never know what is coming up next. You are on this train and you don’t know where it’s going to stop and the hustle never stops. So I feel like it’s part of it. It’s part of what makes us strong and makes us that actor….you know what I’m saying? It makes it worth it. But…I honestly feel that you must never give up whether it is acting or anything in your life…just don’t give up.

I’ve had times where I’ve gotten emotional about losing something or something not going through like I wanted it to. But you have to keep on. There is no looking back. Yeah, there are things that hurt and it was sad but at the same time you try to find that somewhere else. You’ve got to just keep moving forward.

Aaron Eckhart: We are all riddled by fear and doubt and insecurity. We all have dreams….we talk ourselves out of those dreams. We like to see people who have been on the top and fallen down (fallen from grace) and then pick themselves back up. I always say there is no such thing as second chances. You get as many chances as you want in this world. It’s how you present yourself to the world that gives you the second chance. You can continually reinvent yourself. But you’ve got to do it.

Alex Sol: The people that I have seen and learned from and met in this business that have gone on to do some real substantial things, one of the common threads that I’ve seen in all of them is in that preliminary first few years they went at it like their life depended on it. They went after it like if they didn’t, they were going to die….or there is nothing else to do BUT do this. Day and Night…I want this and I’m driven and I’m passionate and I love it and I get into it. And whether that means you are going to make it or not, I don’t know for sure, but I certainly know that this is a common thread amongst the people that I have met who have become successful.

Bill Oberst, Jr.: Michael Caine said (and I think he’s right)…he said “If you want to make it, this cannot be just a full time job. It has to be a full time obsession.” And I find that to be very true. You have to be completely obsessed to the point that people who are not in the business will say “You’re crazy!” If they don’t say that, you are probably not obsessed enough to make it in the business


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