You Can Do Anything, If You Are Willing to Fight For It by Co-Writer/Co-Director André Hedetoft of ORIGIN Movie

Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft – Co-Writers/Co-Directors of ORIGIN Movie


Film Courage: Where did you grow up?

André Hedetoft: I grew up in Oxie, a suburb to Malmö in Sweden. As I kid I had an active imagination up to the point on where I actually thought I could fly from the second floor stairs when I wore my favorite superman costume. My mom had her hands full to say the least. My father worked in advertising, so early on we had access to an analog video camera and basic editing software on an old Mac that I started playing around with. My parents have always been very supportive of my wild dreams and it’s from them I’ve learned the most important lesson of all. That you can do anything you want, if you are willing to fight for it.

André as a child

Film Courage: Did you go to film school?

André: When I was little I used to spend hours and hours alone in the bathtub fantasizing myself away on fantastic adventures. I had this bag stuffed with everything from old action figures, to LEGOs and other dolls I’ve found in my sisters room. I used to throw it all in the bath and jump in spending the next couple of hours making up stories. I’m only half-joking when I say that I wrote some of my best material there. In a lot of ways not much has changed since then, I’m still just playing around making up stories today.

Other than that my practical film school has been the shorts me and Andreas have been doing over the last couple of years. Nothing beats learning by just getting out there and start making stuff.

Film Courage: Best movie going experience as a kid?

André: Jurassic Park, hands down. My parents took me and I distinctly remember to this day sitting between them, peeking through my fingers at the velociraptor opening scene. Very scared, but completely mesmerized. It was at that exact moment I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Take people on fantastic adventures through the movies.


“I have three daughters and a wife who each day inspire me more than anything to be brave when I’m making films. I’m just telling stories with amazing heroines on fantastic adventures that my daughters can grow up with. It’s as simple as that.”


André Hedetoft, Co-Writer/Co-Director of ORIGIN Movie


Film Courage: Your twitter bio says you’re a geek? What makes this so?

André: I was born seven weeks early in an elevator and had to spend a lot of time in hospitals growing up. At one point my parents brought me a comic book, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t one of those comic strips ones I’ve read before. This one was filled with amazing people with superpowers saving the world. I’ve must have read it over and over again that first day until I started wondering what happens after it ended. Instead of waiting for the next issue I started to try imagine and fantasize up the superheroes next adventure. And the one after that. And after that. Geek culture saved me from boredom during those hospital years and it’s been a lifelong relationship ever since.

Film Courage: If you really are a geek (in the nicest terms!!) – is it easier as an adult “geek” versus being a “geek” in school?

André: It has certainly been an interesting couple of years where a lot of the geek culture have gone from being smaller more obscure interest for a few, to exploding into pop culture for the many. I mean I think it’s pretty awesome that many more can discover some of the best stuff in life more easily today. Who knew that all those years of reading obscure comics, staying up all night to watch movies no one had heard of with your friends, trading Doomtrooper cards in secret or playing with action dolls would finally pay off. Also, as a side effect of geek culture going popular, we will be able to tell even braver stories. The origin stories we see today is just barely scratching the surface. That’s like issue #1 material in comics. There’s a whole world of interesting stories and amazing diverse characters that’s just waiting for bigger audiences to discover. We live in interesting times.

Film Courage: How does where you live influence what you make?

André: If one were to write up a recipe for my films I think it would both contain a healthy dose of unique Swedish storytelling together with a big cup of awesomeness from American geek culture. But I would actually say that what influences me the most is not just where I live, but rather who I live there with. I have three daughters and a wife who each day inspire me more than anything to be brave when I’m making films. I’m just telling stories with amazing heroines on fantastic adventures that my daughters can grow up with. It’s as simple as that.


Film Courage: How did you meet your collaborator on ORIGIN movie, Andreas Climent? Was this your first feature film? How many shorts had you previously made?

André: We first met on the set of “Extraordinaires!” a short film I was making many years ago. We quickly became friends and have been sharing stories and talking films ever since. A couple of years ago we both we were both kinda stuck in separate projects that we felt didn’t really come anywhere. So we decided to team up and make a quick short film, something we could write in one day, shoot in one night and edit the next day. Besides writing/directing together we basically had all roles on that set. Andreas was shooting it while putting on makeup on the actors. I was decorating the set, while trying to figure out how the hell we could edit it together since we didn’t have time to shoot everything and in-between I had to rush of to cook food for the actors. It was one wild night. That film was LOGAN which we put up on the internet for fun and before we knew it it had suddenly turned viral. From there me and Andreas just continued to make more and more shorts. Learning more about the craft with each one we we’re doing. Meeting great team members and actors who we never want to make another movie without. All the way up until it was time to finally take the leap from shots to our debut feature, ORIGIN.

Rafael Pettersson and Sandra Redlaff

Film Courage: What is bio hacking and what prompted you to make this movie?

André: We’ve always been fascinated by the extraordinary. Be it time-travel in DOUBLE TROUBLE or superheroes in LOGAN. The fantastic concepts of what the future might look like have always fueled our imagination. But me and Andreas always had a sort of unspoken rule. We get to play with the fantastic, but only to tell something with an strong emotional core.

When we’ve first heard about biohacking; the concept of regular people hacking their DNA and extending human limitations out of their garages and living rooms, we were very intrigued. As we started bouncing ideas back and forth we wondered what would motivate someone to hack their genome or modify their genetics, and what longterm consequences it could have.

Out of that grew a very personal story about a young couple, ready to cross moral and ethical boundaries for their love.

Emelia Hansson and Rikard Björk

Film Courage: How did you know you had the right actors for the role? Where do you post casting notices? How many submissions did you get?

André: We actually made a pact before there was even a script. Me and Andreas had been making shorts for many years and had just finished DOUBLE TROUBLE. Inspired by our friends Antonio Tublén’s LFO and Christian Hallman’s SENSORIA who with very smarts scripts and simple means made their features we wanted to finally take the leap ourselves.

Later that night we Skyped with actress Emelia Hansson and DOP Nils Croné who we’ve just made DOUBLE TROUBLE with. Together the four of us made a sort of digital blood pact that we we’re going to make our first feature film that summer no matter what. And that was the beginning of ORIGIN.


“One of the best rules when trying to make anything, and this is perhaps especially true for independent films, is to use what you have. We always look at other films and are stunned by the cool beautiful locations they have been able to find. But our reasoning was that for the people making those films, most of those locations was probably things they saw everyday. For them it was nothing special, but for us it is. So with that approach we tried to find locations around us that we had grew bored of ourselves, but would be interesting for an international audience to experience.”


André Hedetoft, Co-Writer/Co-Director of ORIGIN Movie


origin_movie_1Film Courage: Were there any locations in ORIGIN in which you have an emotional connection?

André: One of the best rules when trying to make anything, and this is perhaps especially true for independent films, is to use what you have. We always look at other films and are stunned by the cool beautiful locations they have been able to find. But our reasoning was that for the people making those films, most of those locations was probably things they saw everyday. For them it was nothing special, but for us it is. So with that approach we tried to find locations around us that we had grew bored of ourselves, but would be interesting for an international audience to experience. For example. All the scenes at the beach, that’s literally the spot I go every summer. Use what you have. It’s one of the most powerful things in the world.

Film Courage: If you could bio hack yourself, what would you change or enhance?

André: That’s to easy. I would give myself the superpower to write amazing stories of course.

origin_2Film Courage: Can you share details if co-writing and co-directing feature film together?

André: When we collaborate me and Andreas always work closely together on everything from writing, to directing to editing. Our strength as co-creators is that we’re never afraid of starting with the phrase “This is probably a very bad idea. But…” and then we bounce that back and forth between us a billion times until that “bad idea” somehow on the way has turned into awesomeness.

Film Courage: Where is ORIGIN available to watch?

André: ORIGIN is coming out on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox in North America now on December the 13th.

Film Courage: What’s next for you creatively?

André: I’m currently in pre-production for my next feature film “FINNS HÄR NÅGRA SNÄLLA BARN” that’s coming out in 2017.

Film Courage: What’s it about?

André: When a zombie epidemic breaks out on Christmas Eve and turns all adults into walking dead, four unlikely kids have ninety minutes to save their parents, Christmas and perhaps the rest of the world.

It’s your run of the mill Swedish sci-fi Christmas comedy that plays out in one continuous take. Or as I like to call it. Pippi Longstocking with zombies.

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André Hedetoft is a visionary Swedish director that through his vivid imagination and blend of extraordinary high-concepts with an emotional core have become best known for his debut feature film “Origin” and viral short films “Double Trouble” and “Logan” seen in over 150 countries and featured on Wired, Aint It Cool News, Slashfilm, Firstshowing and many other media outlets.



Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft, ORIGIN Movie – Available on iTunes December 13th, 2016.

Ambitious science students Julia and Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower through their research in biohacking. They are right on the verge of a breakthrough when they find out that Julia’s boyfriend Erik is dying from a rare form of cancer.

There is nothing the doctors can do for him anymore, and as Erik gets worse and worse, Julia decides to use their untested biohacking research on Erik in a desperate attempt to save his life. They steal the source code for the research from Bergman, their genetics professor, and disappear from the university. In secret they build a lab in their small apartment and start experimenting – with Erik as a human guinea pig.

The cure they develop seems to work and Erik’s health stabilizes. But not only is his health improved, they soon discover that Erik’s cells show signs of unexpected side effects.

The cure seems to have affected all of the cells in his body, pushing Erik’s strength, instincts and senses to the limits of what is possible. He feels better than ever before.

As they celebrate their discovery and consider how their research could change the world for the better, Julia and Erik become even closer as a couple while Rebecca starts feeling more and more alienated. At the same time, Bergman discovers that they have stolen his code. His suspicions increase when he follows Rebecca to the apartment.

Feeling alone and abandoned, Rebecca injects herself with the serum and throws a party in the apartment. Julia and Erik come home, but before they have time to stop Rebecca, Erik collapses, his immune system trying to kill the modified genes in his DNA.

They now have only days to find a way to fix their research and save Erik and Rebecca’s lives. Erik becomes more and more aggressive and with only days left to live, the trio starts colliding against each other. The professor discovers the ramifications of what Julia, Rebecca and Erik have discovered through the research they have stolen from him, and decides to take it back.

As their time quickly begins to run out, Julia is faced with the impossible choice of either saving the man she loves, no matter the consequences, or stopping him before it could lead to the end of the world.

ORIGIN Movie – Available on iTunes December 13th, 2016.






Watch ORIGIN on iTunes Starting December 13, 2016

ORIGIN: Three science students are on the verge of making a breakthrough in their research into biohacking and cell aging. When one of them is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they break moral boundaries and use their untested research on him, in an attempt to save his life.





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